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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After having a sinful dessert and traveling all the way to vivo city for a little window shopping, we went to Clarke Quay for one of my main reasons of going back to Singapore. The Reverse Bungy!

This attraction could be seen in Clarke Quay. All you have to do is look for giant white tower-like structures and walk towards there.

 I was dismayed the last time I went here because I wasn't able to try this awesome of a ride. It zooms to 200kph and reaches 60 meters within a blink of an eye. It is that fast and it rocks.
In this ride, there must be at least 2 passengers. A total of 3 persons can ride it the same time.
Here is a video of what happens.

SGD 45 for a ride and 20 for a usb wristband video
 So, as I approach this guy to pay, he told me that I needed someone else to join me. Plus, they have to have a maintenance break which he said to be 30 minutes but actually took more than an hour and still no go. Since we couldn't wait that long because C didn't want to take a cab, we went off to another adventure. I just told myself I will be back the following day. Which I did but it rained so no go! ARGHHH!!!! Kainis! Ow well... maybe next time. Sad!

Clarke Quay
 After alighting from Clarke Quay MRT, you need to cross the river to the other side to get to the ride.
From gmax website
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  1. I got to ride this when I was in Singapore. Love the experience! It was scary at first, but became really enjoyable after :) Sayang lang our video got corrupted. I asked a friend to shoot a video of us while riding, but my camera's battery went dead midway, and poof! Video's gone >.<

    1. Hi Ms Sumi!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!! Hello po!!!! :D :D :D I am a fan of your blog and I even saw you at Ganso Shabuway event in Shangri-la, I think but I was just so shy to approach you :D :D :D :D Hahaha! I am sooo envious! At least you got to ride it. I on the other hand been there twice and really no go! :( so sad because its one of the reasons why I went there. Damn!