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Friday, July 12, 2013

It was a hellish kind of day. I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Argh. I was stuck on Edsa for 2 hours! From East Ave to Ortigas took me 2 ... not 1 but 2 hours! I could have gone to Subic or Tagaytay with that kind of time. No wonder the MMDA is contemplating having a new kind of scheme to ease the traffic situation along this major thoroughfare. 
Borough's Side Entrance!!
Once we got to Ortigas, I quickly did my round about and snuck out. I needed to eat breakfast but It was way too early for some of the establishments in Ortigas. Rather than going to a fast food joint, I walk the long path and ended up in Podium.
Since I have been to Borough before (see here), I knew what to order. But this was for breakfast, so I had no idea.

 When I got in, it was sort of deserted. The waiter attended to my needs asap. I asked what to order and he was quick to point out the different things that could make my tummy happy.
Beef Strips and Rice (220Php)
 This version of their Tapsilog is filling and tastes wonderful. The pickled green mango was really boom. It went well with the beef. The egg was runny and just the way I like it!
Elvis (200Php)
 This peanut butter and banana sandwich hits the spot. With the sour cream on the side, I liked the combination. The dulce de leche wasn't that sweet and added a different flavor to the sandwich.
 I loved biting into this.
 The setting was nice and also the service was there. Although their offerings are a little pricey. I liked how the place exudes a welcoming vibe. That and it is open 24 hours a day (except for early Sunday to Monday when they are closed.)
If only I had a bar like this.

Borough's Breakfast Menu:

Open 24/7
G/F Podium
Ortigas Center

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