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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What seems like years back, I had my first experience of going out and sleeping away from my family. I had to drive from Quezon City all the way from Pasay to Subic. (Don't ask ... won't tell). It was during those times that I really wanted to relax and think about what I was currently doing. I needed to reassess myself. (and I needed to impress someone LOL!)
So, I "stole" my car and went on an overnight stay in the Lighthouse Marina Resort.

I was actually contemplating on whether to have a staycation in the north or in the south. Since my companion that time is from the south, guess what? She chose the north. I didn't want to go to a far away place without me being able to have the luxuries of home. Thankfully, I came across this hotel in Subic that offered everything I want and need.

During reservations, I had a grand experience with their guest officer. She gladly called me on my cell and explained the different rooms and the amenities. I was able to even request for a fast check-in.
 A what now? 
 Something I don't like about hotels would be their check-in process. There are times when they would take forever in doing the different paperwork and would ask for requirements. Plus the queue. Don't get me started with the horrible waiting game.

Well here, they don't. All I needed to do was send the information during reservation. So when we got there (not even out the car yet), the bellhop took our bags and brought it to the room. The front desk staff guided us to our room and had a paper for us to sign. It didn't even take us 5 minutes from our car to our room.
Talk about service.
The room I got was the Aqua Terrace (7,+++ Php). It is basically any standard room that has a view of the mountain range, The room has a flat screen tv, dvd, ipod dock, and a floating tub. 
Yeah, It really floats!!
The washroom is separated by a see through glass with electronic curtain.
Okay, maybe not really float but as you can see (sorry wasn't able to get a picture from the ground up), their bathtub looks luxurious. It is different from the ones we usually see in hotels. Don't worry, the shower area is different from the tub. Yes, they do have a bidet =D.

Back when I was a lot of pounds lighter. LOL!
The view from our balcony
While we were watching some dvds from the hotel's in house collection, a call to our hotel room came. The lady on the line said these magic words "Sir, please do come down to the restaurant for our afternoon snacks". This made me drag her downstairs. I mean it was complimentary or rather I paid for it already.

When we got to the restaurant, a staff approached us and led us to an empty table.
She brought us a plate of chips and a plate of bread toppings. She informed us that it is a semi-buffet and we could get from the main table as much as we can. My tummy was all YES!!!! BUT! My mind was saying Nooo! It was because I had to restrain myself since SHE was there!!!
Fine, I ate a lot.... !
After just a plate of those light snacks, we went out and checked the pool.
It wasn't small nor was it big.

The pool was divided into 3 sections. The left side shows a semi jacuzzi part. The right side shows a normal lap pool. While the kiddie pool isn't in the picture. I was glad to see that there was always a staff on duty watching the pool.

After relaxing near the pool, we ventured out. It was nice to see that there is a paved pathway along the beach. This particular path houses different restaurants and a few other hotels.
When we got back to our room, after dinner, we found our bed made up and these snacks at bedside.
Sorry forgot to remove the plastic...Woops!
This was hanging outside the door.
After a wonderful night's rest, we both went down and had our breakfast.
Since we went there on a Thursday, they served ala carte for breakfast. What was great about it was that there was a semi-buffet lined up. We were able to get some cold cuts, cheeses, bread and even cereals.
Yeah, I know I know. I don't have pictures of the other stuff we ate because they got corrupted. LOL!
Everything went well and we checked out without a hitch. The staff were courteous and helpful. They would always greet you and ask if you need anything. I truly enjoyed staying there. I just got to admit that luxury has its price.
But with a view like this, I guess it is worth every penny!

Lighthouse Marina Resort Subic Bay
Moonbay Marina Complex, Water Front Road 
CBD, Subic, Luzon, Philippines
Trunk Line (Tel/Fax): (6347) 252-5000 or (6347) 252-7545
Toll Free Manila Number: (632)711-0019
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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great photos of your staycation! The hotel you ended up staying at looks lovely. Overall, it looks like you had a ton of fun!

    1. Hi sue!!!! Thanks for passing by! I had fun!!!!! It was relaxing and everything went well po ^_^