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Saturday, July 13, 2013

After escaping from chores and eating at Borough. My mother was hungry and we needed a place to eat at.
Since I didn't want to venture out because of the nightmarish early morning traffic that we had endured, we opted to eat somewhere near our place.
Meet Stacy
The staff greeted us with a homey smile. 

 The place has a great concept. The design and the interior works hand in hand with the feel home idea of the place.
We were served a cup of popcorn, mallows and a pretzel. A complimentary treat for us.
My mom had a raspberry iced tea. It was nice for the hot weather.
As for me, I had tea.

To warm the tummy, I started on creamy pumpkin soup and toasted bacon (115 PHP). The soup was a little watered down. It wasn't really creamy and I was looking for more bacon.
What I did was dunk the in the soup to make it more flavorful.
 We also had the Cesar Salad (175Php). This green dish was great. It actually had veggies that are more fresh compared to the ones I got in CPK Trinoma (click here). It had a hint of milk mixed in with the dressing.
My mom had their Stacy Jones (215Php). The presentation was excellent. The eggs were great but the tapa itself had more fat to its beef content. Even if it had a spot on flavor, we couldn't eat it because it had this more than half hard chewy fat content than beef. My mom didn't finish it and was quite disappointed. 
The bill came with these cool old school candies! YUMYUM! INSULIN STAT!
Their menu has a lot to offer. I guess they could focus more on making great stuff and didn't really need to give a lot of choices. When I read their menu, I was a little disoriented with all the choices. If they could maybe address some of the issues with the food it would have been a complete package. Not thinking of the price and the small boo boo, the place has a warm vibe and would definitely warrant another visit in the future.  

Capitol Greentstreet, Capitol Hills,
Quezon City. (Near Ayala Heights)
+639526843 09266752571
 FB page.

They even have this small cute corner for the kids.

Their Menu:

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