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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It was a few hours before my smaller bigger brother's 16th birthday.  The celebrant wanted something different. According to him different is good. Fine, different it is. We opted to do something different just to mix it up (Yes I know.. different). I then took a chance and looked for a place where my family hasn't been to yet. Most often than not, we frequent Shangri-La Mall. So on this occasion, we ventured to BGC. Although I usually go out and eat here, my family doesn't.
 We took a plunge and dived in Urbn.

Even if Urbn is known as a club, it offers wonderful and delicious food! I am impressed with the flavors and am downright thinking about when I will be back for their food.

This hip and "industrial" place opened around December 2012. Even if it primarily caters to adult, they allow minors  until 10pm. After that, well, the party starts.
The place is divided into 2 big rooms.
This side is the non-smoking area. According to our waiter, you can reserve a table here for around 10,000 Php. It is consumable and you are allowed to go in with 12 of your guest (including you).
 This side houses the main party area. As you can see with the cocktail tables, the floor arrangement is definitely for partying. The couches could be reserved for 15,000 Php. Of course, it is consumable.
 For drinks, we all ordered ginger ale. I don't know but ever since our Bangkok trip, my brother has been ordering this stuff. So, I joined in too.
 We ordered some home made potato chips (250Php). This had aioli and pesto dip. It reminded me of the chips that Cibo offers. This is a good start while waiting for the food.
 The Manchego Souffle (395Php) was rich and creamy. It had crispy jamon serrano and truffle cream. This is decadent. The cheese flavor was working hand in hand with the truffle. Extremely deadly! 
 I got to tell you something. I love this! Oh, this takes time to make, around 20 minutes so be patient.
 It is worth it.

For our mains, we wanted to start off with some crispy duck leg but the waiter informed us that it wasn't available. I was looking forward to eating that. I wanted to compare it with Opus' version. 

Anyway, we tried their other mains.
Glaze Beef Ribs (570Php)
 As the name suggested, the ribs are pretty sweet. It is accompanied with potato gratin and bacon creamed corn. I enjoyed the corn! It was mixed up pretty well with bacon! (Bacon can never be wrong!) The potato gratin was a little under seasoned. It was as if we were biting into a piece of white veggie. I liked the taste of the ribs but for the price, the serving isn't that much. The amount of meat was lacking. Skip this.
Australian Rack of Lamb (960Php)
Awesome. Simply awesome. Since I love lamb, this dish made my day. The meat was tender and soft. It was easy to chew and wasn't overcooked. The herb and horseradish crust added a dept in the flavor. Would have wanted some mint sauce but the garlic yogurt did its job.
We also ordered double cooked Kurobota pork belly (395Php). At first glance, I thought it was a normal lechon kawali.
 Looks can be deceiving. The taste is different from the normal lechon kawali. I loved the tenderness and how it was cooked perfectly. The skin was crunchy. There was more meat than fat. It was incredible.
 Mac and Choreese (290Php) was something my brother wanted to order.

 It was dry inside. It wasn't creamy and gooey. Although you could taste the chorizo, you better skip this.
 The truffle cream linguine (320Php) was not bad nor was it good. It was somewhere in the middle. You could definitely smell some truffle but it wasn't that evident in the taste. Since it was Earl's birthday, we needed some noodles so we ordered it. Honestly though, skip this.

 For dessert, we had some awesome and I mean awesome sweet treats!
Wish then blow!

The salted caramel cheesecake (150Php) was love. It was great but the next dessert was better. Yes, it was better than amazing. It was oozing with love! I died because of the next sweet treat! Why? How?
 Well it blew my mind!
 This strange looking round object is what they call the white chocolate love-ah cake (see its love!) (270Php). I died because of this. It was all because of love. 
The cookie butter flavor was incredible. My mom exclaimed that it was like having sweet pancake mix but without the chunks. Everything went down smoothly. I am at a lost for adjectives. I can't describe its sweet, incredible and perfect flavor. It was food crush!!! I didn't bother with the ice cream on the side. I just went for this gooey goodness.
 It oozed with sex appeal!!!
 Wouldn't you know it after I took this shot with my camera, I went to the washroom to wash my hands. By the time I got back, I was only left with a small piece. Even the syrup was gone!
 My brother proudly said "Oh... I got carried away!!".
 Thanks a lot birthday boy! I shall have my revenge!

The service was impeccable. The wait staff wasn't hovering but were always there when we needed them. They would offer to refill our glasses with water and even changed our plates for us. Even if the place was full for dinner, the staff did a great job attending to the needs of everyone. They anticipated our needs. 
The food was up there. The chef did a great job for our main courses but an even better one for dessert! Up until now, I could remember the taste of the souffle, lamb, kurobota, cheese cake and the love-ah cake.
 Simply amazing. 

Yeah.. dad wasn't there.... well.. Sorry for him.. More food for us!!!!

Disclaimer: I wasn't compensated nor asked to write this post.

Urbn Bar and Kitchen
Located near Early Bird Breakfast Club
3rd Floor, Fort Pointe II Building, 28th St. BGC
Taguig City
 0917 564 9333
Dinner is served from
Monday-Saturdays 6pm to 10pm
Urbn's Facebook

For those planning to go here for their clubbing!
Their menu (didn't include the bar chow and the drink list)

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