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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I hate to do this. Seriously, I do. I don't want to give things away especially those that I like!
I hate myself for doing this..!

Since none of my readers are available nor have posted in this post, I have turned to facebook and gave them to one of my friends who requested them :D :D :D Maybe next time, Ill have it a week or two in advance LOL! Enjoy your day!

This might be the only tickets left!! (from arts at Bgc FB page)
 tried to horde it but it seems knuckle head (that's me) forgot about it when I booked my Singapore flight.
To think, I got the BGC FOOD TOUR tickets the same day I booked my flight. Maybe it was that I got 2 tickets for the 1st trip (which you can read here) and another one on July 13. Argh! I juggled things up and made a booboo!
2 tickets for June 29 and another set for July 13
Heck, Stupid me! So I'm stuck with 2 extra tickets of BGC FOOD TOUR for this Saturday July 13.  
 So here's the deal. I need someone to take them away from me. Don't worry no strings attached. I'll send the tickets to you via express mail like air21.

Here are my conditions:

 1)  You got to be available for the event. (Details could be found in my previous post here. and faq here)
 2)  So you got to be in BGC by 2:30pm near The Spa Wellness. (You don't want to be late for the bus ride)
 3)  Limited only to residents of Metro Manila (Don't worry I will be shouldering the mailing fees)
 4)  On The Comment Section below write your name and email address.
 5)  I will be using to generate a random number and that guy/gal on the list gets the tickets.
 6)  This giveaway would start from the time I post it and until around early July 11, 2013 (1am). (Thursday)
 7)  I will be sending an email to the lucky person. If he or she doesn't reply by 12pm.
      I will pick another one.
 8)  I plan to send this via mail by Thursday 3pm.
(The guy from Air21 hotline told me that they do overnight shipping).
If you live near my place you might be lucky enough to get a house visit! (Joke.. But seriously I might be able to drop it off).

meeting spot.
Disclaimer: I got the tickets by eating in restaurants in BGC and accumulating receipts. Since the FAQ from the Arts at BGC said that if I can't go, I could give it away. So fine, I am giving it away!
Also, if for any unforeseen event, I have the right to change the prize. Maybe a GC to a restaurant I like :D 
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  1. wish i had "met" you sooner! i tried getting tickets but they were fully booked already :(

    1. Awwww... Shoot !! :D :D :D I heard that succeeding tours were awesome too! Sayang po! Maybe next time :D Let us just pray they do something like this again in the coming months because it was really awesome and FREE! :D :D :D