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Thursday, July 4, 2013

 Boys would be boys right? We would always be fascinated by girls, cars, and of course guns.
 So last year, I went to Stronghand Shooting Range. It is the only range that I know off that doesn't emit toxic fumes. Remember!!! Normal guns with normal bullets have or emit toxic stuff. Good thing they have special bullets that doesn't make you smell that bad. LOL

I was able to learn lessons that thought me a lot about gun safety and even how to aim through the sights. Not to mention, I was able to determine which eye was more dominant that another.

House rules
After registering, I first attended an introductory class.
We were given our guns and other needed stuff.
 Got assigned to bay 18.
Of course I needed to load my own magazines.
 I shot a few and got close.
 I really enjoyed shooting. At first, it was a shocker. But as time went by, I was able to get my nerves on and even got to shoot well.

Stronghand Shooting Range
La Defense Bldg, 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr Ave.
Quezon City
Need to make a reservation a 3 days in advance.
They usually open at 10am.
Stronghand Shooting Range
How to go there.
C/o google
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