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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

After our lunch in Shangrila Mall, my mom and I hoped over to Sm Megamall for a little shopping. She went to F21 while I shopped for some dinner LOL!!!!. Since we had ramen  in Shangrila (Ikkoryu Fukuoka), I opted to get another round of ramen from Megamall. Although we already tried it before, we went to Kichitora.

We sat outside and ordered a few stuff for dinner.
 After checking out the menu. I knew what I wanted.

 When I was about to order for takeout, the staff informed me that they won't cook the noodles for us. We needed to cook ourselves because it was their policy. Ow well. I said what the heck. I wanted it to be fresh when I eat so okay GO!!!

 I ordered Paitan Tsukemen (380Php) and Paitan Shoyu (360Php).

 The broth and the noodles were properly packed. Everything was cooked except for the noodles. I really thought that the noodles were small. I mean ANG KONTI!!!!!.
 Good thing they had placed specific instructions on how to cook the noodles because I didn't know how long I should boil them. It is good to note that different noodles have different cooking times. My tsukemen also had to be placed in ice bath after to stop the cooking process. After cooking the noodles, it man uped!!! and became a loooot! (duh the noodles absorbed water and made it grow grow grow!!). Ang DAMI!!!!
 Afterwards, I started slurping things out. I figured that they had used excesssssssive eggs in making the noodles because of how goooey and lovely the noodles turned out. I really loved it.

 For the price, I got to admit I enjoyed this place better than Ikkoryu. No long lines and a lot more choices.

Kichitora of Tokyo
2nd level Mega Atrium
Sm Megamall, Mandaluyong.
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