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Friday, July 5, 2013

When I got home, my brother was looking at the bag I got. So he asked... What is in the bag? Food of course! Food in the bag.. (DUH!!!) .. You get it?  LOL! Of course I couldn't go home without food for my little Big brother.
 So infront of Kitchitora was Yabu were I bought some goodies for him.
Of course I had eaten in Yabu before. What  is great about Yabu is that they have a menu specific for take-out.
 In case you didn't know, They were part of Esquire's Best Restaurants.
After a few minutes, we got our goodies in a bag.

 I found their takeout menu and packaging really helpful and cute.
packaging :D
 Had some katsu curry hire. Although it wasn't as crunchy by the time we got home, it was still yummy. I loved the curry sauce.
 The katsudon was still runny and juicy. Earl enjoyed this and he actually got some of the curry sauce and mixed it up. It may be a little pricey but heck fried stuff is awesome. LOL

2nd Floor Atrium
Megamall, Madaluyong City.
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