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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

 Since I stayed in Adler Hostel in Chinatown (click here), I eventually went around the place. 
Yes, I walked. I missed my car (LOL).

 In case you are not staying in Chinatown, the Mrt makes it pretty accessible. Get an Ez-Link Card.
    It only costs 12 SGD. 7SGD is useable.
     Don't worry, every station has a map of the entire system. You won't get lost.

You could go to different Shrines and Temples

Sri Mariamman Temple

Or try the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.
 It is right infront of Maxwell.
 Where you get to line up forever.
 To get the famous Chicken Rice
 Don't forget to take a selfie infront of the hawker place where Tony got his first fix of this.
Oily and waiting. Ew!
 After the meal, walk around.
 You will see that its pretty clean compared to other Chinatowns.
Maybe you could visit this famous pork jerky place to get treats.
 Or go to Chinatown's night market and heritage centre.

 You will see a lot of bargains.

Look at how beautiful those lanterns are.
If you are still hungry, go to the food street. It opens at night during weekdays and is open whole day during weekends.
 Oh wait, did I mention that there is a Tintin store in Chinatown :D
 Out of place.
Cool :D
 Chinatown, Singapore
That Ends My Singapore 2013 Posts :D
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