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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I love Singapore's Changi Terminal 2. 
The small plane I rode.
 They have a place to play.

 To watch a movie or two.
Browse the net
Walk through an indoor garden.
 Or just stare at some koi
Maybe, let's take a selfie or two and send it to your loveones
Forgot some pasalubong? No worries, they have a lot of stores!
Sweets for the munchies
 Some snacks for the friends because you know the stuff you bought ain't going to cover it.
A shirt or two for the daddies and maybe a bag for the mommies
 See dad didn't forget
If you shop, they even let you play a game.
and maybe become a millionaire
 Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4
If you are hungry, they have a sign to point you where to go.
As for me, I was happy with anything. So off I go to the food court.
Order a Lasi Lemak and be contented with it.
Of course not!!!
Also had coffee and toasts and eggs
Couldn't help it and opened Franny's token. (See here for my post about Frannywanny)
and smothered it on the bread.
Oh and since I needed some water, they got loads of fountain stations available.

stomach grumbling? Don't worry. The washrooms are very clean and child friendly.
 You also get to rate the services and the crew.
Just awesome :D :D :D
This ends my Singapore posts or maybe I could just add one more about Chinatown let's see.
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