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Monday, July 15, 2013

Can you guess what is in the bag?
It ain't tea~!
After watching Tatum's sexy ass and Jamie Foxx' witty lines in White House Down (Olympus Has Fallen is that you?), K and I had a sweet craving. So what's new? Then I remembered that TWG opened its store in Shangri-la East Wing just last July 5, 2013.
We went straight to the guard and asked (actually begged) if we could get macarons for to go. After using the Jedi mind trick, we were able to sneak in. Even if it was already closing time, we saw that there were still patrons inside the store.
The place reminded me of old school British Tea setting.

 But we didn't go there for tea. It was all for the macarons!
I want them all!!! Drool!
 They basically have 10 flavors. We asked the staff what were the best sellers and  they were the Napoleon tea caramel, camelot tea and praline, vanilla bourbon tea and kaya, matcha (duh!!) and the roses tea.
 I got a box of 6 and 3 more for us to eat in the car.
The staff were pleasant and were all efficient in answering questions. Even if they only opened just this month, they know what to do.

Wondering how to eat a macaron? Here is K. showing us how. (she is definitely going to kill me!)
 1st, lick the side to get your mouth watery.
 Swirl your tongue in your mouth to distribute the quick taste.
 Stare at the macaron in anticipation of more goodness.
 Smile like hell. Laughing and stealing of macaron ensues after. 
 Crunchy and juicy stuff.

Upper ground level
Shangri-la Mall East Wing.
11am-9pm Daily
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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