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Monday, August 12, 2013

My parents has sworn off Singaporean dishes for awhile because of this restaurant. Sad but true. I love Singaporean food! One of the main reasons why I returned to SG last month was because I love their dishes. I just got to agree with them though as the food here isn't up to par with other places in the metro.
I do not know if it was an off day for the chefs or it was just us, but my parents and I didn't enjoy the experience. I want to like it. I want to love it but it just wasn't there.
Let's see what happened.
My parents and I were in Podium for a quick dinner. We came from Shangri-La post movie and wanted to try something different. Since Podium wasn't really on our usual list, we trooped our way over.
I remember seeing this restaurant over the net that serves Singaporean dishes.
 Since I miss Sg, I pushed my parents to give it a try. 
My parents has tried SG food and were amenable to it. Yahoo!
As we enter, there was this open kitchen style on the left side. A few tables were occupied. We got seated and were handed the menu.

One thing I noticed about the menu was that they offer a lot. A little bit too much if you ask me. It was a somewhat difficult to pick. I wished they would just focus on specialties.
 Furthermore, some of the dishes were actually not available.

One of the staff took our order. She was nice, although she seemed unsure about answering our questions. I didn't mind it at first but heck I should have.
 Since I was really craving for great SG food, I ordered a lot to try out and bring the leftovers for my brother. Take note there was only 3 of us dining in.
For drinks, I ordered Teh Tarik and my mother had some Iced Barley.
The teh tarik tasted like medicine :(. The barley drink was watered down. After a few sips, we didn't bother with the drinks. Sadly, some of their soda's aren't available even if it is in their menu (take note: diet/light). I had to go out to a different restaurant to buy one for my dad who is diabetic. Incredible right?

I was sensing that this might be the start of a bad meal. I hoped it wouldn't be.
We started the meal with Roti Prata with curry (95Php).
 It was super duper duper oily! Seriously patting it dry with tissue isn't enough! If you squeeze it, the oil would drip. The dipping sauce was a lacking in flavor. Argh SKIP.
We then had the chicken satay (35php each stick). The meat was grilled and was okay. It was a little rubbery. I wasn't just so sure about their sauce. It is quite different from the usual peanut based one. A mistake maybe? 
 We also had their Chicken (1/2 450Php)
It was all right. There wasn't any notable great quality taste here. I believe Wee Nam Kee and Toast Box versions were more flavorful. If you must order it, then go for it.
 Now here came the problem, our server didn't inform us that this dish had rice already. 
We ordered their seafood rice (148Php) because we anticipated that we do not have rice. I don't know but usually when there is already rice with the order, the staff usually clarifies and informs. Geez. I even asked her to repeat our orders :(
 The rice was rather oily and tasted blah.
Since I wasn't also aware of the rice situation, I had ordered some nasi lemak (65Php).
 Nothing special about this though as the rice tasted bland. It was just colored green.

We had their char keow teow (268Php). The noodle dish wasn't the saving grace of the meal. Far from it. I wished it was. The serving size wasn't really big. It just didn't taste like the ones from SG nor from other places. It tasted like old oil :( SKIP
 The broccoli with shrimp (380Php) was the only dish that my parents liked. Although the sauce was watered down, they made due with the veggies.
 The char siew (228Php) was supposed to be like a version of bbq pork. Sadly, their version was dry and charred. It had burnt edges. It was like old and was reheated in the microwave. It was tough and tasted bland.
SUPER DRY! and no not like the beer!
 Last but not the least disappointment would have to be their take on Oyster omelete (188Php). The picture describes it all.
 The dish had 7 pieces of oyster on scrambled eggs. SERIOUSLY! GRABE! Itlog na may oyster. Sinayang lang ung oyster. :(

We left the restaurant in bad taste. The bill took forever to get so as the leftover. :( 
Our tummies were still hungry. SAD experience.

Believe it or not, a week after our experience here, the left over food (READ: almost all of it) is stuck deep inside the bowels of our refrigerator. Never to be seen or heard from again.
The food was borderline at best.
There was nothing okay about it. 
I do not usually do this but I got to say, I was really disappointed. I hope they improve.

Ang Mo Kio

I wrote this based on my experience. I was not asked to write this on anyone's behalf.
I sincerely hope that this restaurant improves a lot.
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  1. was also in podium last week... you should try yaku bedide ang mo kio... i loved the sashimi platter...service was way better too

    1. Hi po!!! Uhm! Ill do that and try them up! My mom was pushing us to try that resto.

    2. i found what we ordered affordable... the gyudon felt bottomless i kept eating and eating but i couldnt finish even half ...of course quality wise i prefer yoshinaya hongkong's gyudon in terms of tenderness and flavor

      i didnt realize i commented using my google account name .. i normally posted anonymously as sunshine

    3. Oh Hi sunshine...!!! Hmmm... I will definitely try that resto! Hmmm Japanese food. now I am drooling!!! waaaaa :D :D :D

  2. This is just sad. I loved my experience at Ang Mo Kio. Hope they'll improve.

    1. Hi Michy!! I hope you are feeling better na po! Yes ! I do hope they improve sayang eh ! Hehehe charge to experience na lang siguro ^_^

  3. St. Alia of the KnifeAugust 12, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    I've read good reviews about this resto before but I guess you and your family had the case of "bad timing" siguro. Pero dapat kasi Sir consistent yung restaurant sa quality ng pagkain. Sayang.

    1. Hi St. Alia :D Yeah.. I don't know.. I mean, I was really sad because I don't want to write or say anything bad about a resto, but I guess I need to be truthful. IT is really sayang! :(

  4. Wow hahaha!! Paid propaganda to ruin a resto. Im just saying this resto is not bad to what you claim it to be.


    1. Hello po anonymous! I just got to say thank you! You have been the first one to tell me that I am being paid to do this. Believe it or not ma'am or sir, I do not receive any compensation nor do I ask for any when I write my posts from any restaurants or service/food provider. Yes. I was invited to some events (READ=2) but they have not/did not ask me to write any posts about them. I do this in my own free time and will. Please do read my disclaimers before you accuse me of being paid. If I was being paid "to ruin a resto" would you think that I would be bringing my parents here? Would I be paying for the meal? Would I be posting pictures that depict the truth. Illogical.

      I can't be saying good things about a restaurant when I KNOW AND EXPERIENCED it to be otherwise.

      As I said, I truly enjoy the food industry in Manila. I do not want "to ruin" anyone's hard work. BUT, I blog BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE and not yours because I am not you. To accuse me of such is actually a compliment seeing that you do read my blog. Maybe next time you could not hide behind a name such as Anonymous :D

      THANK YOU :D God Bless