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Sunday, August 11, 2013

I was pretty much aware of all the hype with this new "gelato" place amongst the foodies that I know. 
They said that it was awesome. It was also said to be the best place to get "real "gelato in town. 
As with all hype, I was really afraid because it might be the usual bandwagon effect.

This is no hype! Frankly, I agree with all of them.  After tasting their offerings in their new branch in the Podium, I wanted more!  Believe it or not, I visited Podium twice in a span of 3 days just to get my fix! The gelatos from this place is just mouthwatering good!
I guess it is in how they make it fresh daily and that they store them in temperature specific containers. These also limit the light and the air that is exposed to the gelatos :D
This says it all!
 The first day I visited, I tried their cappuccino and matcha and azuki.
They have this less sugar offerings for those that are a little afraid of their sugar shooting up.
The cappuccino had bits of coffee in them. The matcha really did taste like it! I love them.

On my 2nd visit, I was with my parents. I treated them to this place LOL!
Dad had the cappuccino. He enjoyed it because he didn't let my mom taste it! LOL!

 Mom, on the other hand, got their red velvet. 
I was able to take a quickie on this when she wasn't looking. Believe it or not, the flavor was spot on. It tasted creamier and better that some of those "red velvet" cakes around.
 I got their movie date. It had potato chip dipped in chocolate bits in it. The caramel flavor worked well with the chips. OMG! I WAAAAANT this!
Being the great brother that I am, I bought some for my brother.
 You know what they do for takeouts? They freeze dry it! They have this cool lab!
 Yeah! Since they make their gelatos daily and since it is supposed to be at a certain temperature, freeze drying them makes it possible to transport :D
 I just love looking at the machinery!
 What's in the bag?
It is speculoos for my bro. The cookie butter flavor is just great!
The packaging is well thought off. Nothing was skimp on.
I know! I was seriously salivating over it!

Okay! I confess. I ended up giving a few scoops to my brother and having the rest all to me :D
I am not ashamed to say that I tried to lick the bottom but I just can't reach it with my tongue!
Seriously! Thank you for Bono for opening a store a little closer to my place. As I find their main branch in Makati a little bit far. Although they have a stand in Sm Aura, it is not a lab. So Podium is definitely the place to go!

The service that I got from their staff is impeccable. They were trained well. I was actually so excited to get the ice creams that I was leaning over the counter. The staff wouldn't give it to me even if it would be easier. Rather, they would bring to to our table and serve them one by one. COOL SERVICE ! :D 
(Unlike some places I know of! LOL!)

Yes it is a little pricey compared to other gelato places but you will surely be thankful because the freshness of the flavors can really be felt. The taste is just a notch above others in the market. ARGH! I am definitely craving some BONO! If only they had a 24 hour store!

Little tip: ask for a free taste :D

Ground Floor Podium Mall
Near Wildflour. Underneath the escalator.

I was not asked to write about this experience. The opinions here are mine alone.
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  1. Darn. This place is so near me but I haven't tried it yet.

    1. Hi! Michy! It is really good :D Hehehe! Although a little pricey, you should try it sometime :D Paminsan minsan :D

    2. Planning on trying everything. hahaha!!!

    3. Ohhh!!! Magkakasundo talaga tayo!! That was really my game plan... :D :D :D !!!!! Everything kasiiii loooksss good!!! yumyum now I am drooling! Argh!