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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After the so so  (fine! bad experience!) in Ang Mo Kio (click), I was craving for some good SG food. 
I remembered that Toast Box is actually from SG so, I trooped my way to Trinoma and check out their offerings.
The place isn't really that big. It is of course shared with its sister company bread talk.
The place is self service. Order and pay up then take a sit.
I got a set meal of kaya toast, eggs and kopi (145Php) and added some toasted bread with floss (65Php).
 The kopi was a little too strong for me. It wasn't that creamy like I would have want it.
The kaya toast was simple and straight to the point! I love to mix it with eggs!
 The crunchy bread with floss has a sweet touch to it. I am thankful that they serve different varieties. :D
 The sign lured me into getting one to try.
 I was hoping it could give me a better taste into what rice noodles really are.
The char kway teow (225Php) was definitely worth it.
 It had the sweet touch from the chinese sausages and the noodles were cooked perfectly. The shrimps weren't rubbery at all. It even had some squid balls in it.
 It wasn't also that oily so yehey! YUMMY!!!!

For a quick and affordable SG food, Toast Box would be definitely hard to be beat. I like the taste and everything was quick :D I am so sorry I can't really help but compare this to Ang Mio Ko. 
It was really that depressing.

Lower Ground Floor
Trinoma Mall

I wrote this based on my opinion. I wasn't asked to write about this :D

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  1. i also find their coffee too strong.. i prefer kopiroti


    1. Hi sunshine! Yeah.. me too! The coffee was a tad bit over. Di kinaya ng taste buds ko! hehehe! :D