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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In case you didn't know, Wicked is showing in Manila ! 

If you were the type that enjoyed Phantom of the Opera, you must not miss this. As early as now, (actually August 14, Wednesday) tickets were being sold left and right by Ticketworld (click). You just have to be able to present a VISA card or be part of Smart Infinity Plan to avail because of the exclusive priority booking period. According to the counter where I got my ticket, the selling of the tickets to the general public would be after 2-3 weeks (tentative).

Here are the prices (10% off for VISA):
From ticketworld's site
There was a media hype build up for this that started a few months ago. There was even an online petition to bring this show here after the success of Phantom of the Opera. Little by little it became known in online social media that indeed the show would be coming here in Manila. Yihee! 

 Anyway what is Wicked? To sum it all off, it is the untold story about the Witches of Oz. Yeah, the one with Dorothy. Talks about the start of everything. From the ruby slippers to how the different characters in the story came to be. I won't be giving spoilers but if you must, wikipedia has an in dept article on it (click).
The ticket sleeve. Nice right?
I had the opportunity to buy tickets on the second day of selling but I wasn't able to get the seats my brother would want. Seriously right? 
This screen shot from ticketworld was taken the same day I bought tickets. See wala ng seats na maganda sa gusto kong date and time! Argh!
Here are some of the tips that I noticed from Ticketworld (specifically WICKED). 
1) You could reserve your tickets via Phone for up to 2 days.
Should have done this to get my preferred seats. I didn't know that the nice seats would be gone in a blink of an eye.
2) You could buy them online.
Won't be doing this because I love keeping the printed tickets as a souvenir and I am so TAMAD when it comes to printing stuff.
3) Visa card holders get 10% off per ticket.
Thank you credit card.
4) It would be better to get the tickets from a booth rather than online.
I did this because the ticket sleeves are cool and also as I said I love keeping the tickets!
If I only knew that I could make a reservation that would last for 2 days.
Anyway, I hope to see you guys there. Because I know that this is Legend... wait for it,,, is a cool musical from broadway.. dary! Legendary! LOL! (I so love Barney Stinson!!!)
It will be kicking off on January 22, 2014 and would run for 2-3 weeks but would depend if they would extend. 

(02) 8919999

Also this is an update from TicketWorld's site

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid nor asked to write this.
Some of the pics here are screenshots from Ticketworld site.
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