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Thursday, August 22, 2013

With Wicked coming up this January, you can't but help remember The Phantom of the Opera. 
I will be honest, I wasn't really excited for this show. I am seriously not into musicals or shows of the kind.

I have watched a few plays back in the day but not to the level of a broadway musical.  You see, my dad surprised us with tickets. He told me to just pick up something from Trinoma and BAM! Hello Tickets.
 I can still remember posting this pic on FB and the person I was dating back then was super duper pissed at me because she wanted to watch it with me. I, on the other hand, didn't like to. LOL! Ako na ang pinipilit manuod. Eh Ayoko nga eh! Anong magagawa ko kung mayroong tix?

Anyway aside from that, I pushed myself to go with the family.

 This huge sign greeted us when we got in the CCP Hall.
Honestly speaking, I was looking forward of just going home and enjoying my night to rest.
 (Much to my delight or dismay, I ended up being brought and dropped off in Mercato to meet up with my then...)
 This poster also showed the cast.
 Before going in, I got a few stuff to remember the play by.
 Of course to make "her" happy, I bought her a program (500Php) and a CD (750Php) and gave it to her that same night. 
(Yes I am so sweet LOL!)

Anyway once we got in the venue, I tried to take pictures even if it wasn't really allowed. LOL
 One of the most famous things about this play would have to be the Chandelier.
 The play shipped it all the way to Manila for it to be used! 

The show started with an auction then a flashback that led to the weird happenings
 in the Opera Theater. Of course, I won't be talking about what happened or what not but check out wikipedia if you must read about it. (click)

I must say that it was really nice to say the least. The props and the talent were awesome! I guess you could say that it converted me to someone that believes and enjoys plays. With that kind of caliber, I could say that I am now a transformed man.

The play in itself was pretty long. Of course, there was an intermission of around 20 minutes but I would really suggest not to bring children that couldn't handle their bladders.

Because of my experience, I am looking forward to Wicked. :D :D :D Let's see what happens :D :D :D
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