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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recently, I just started a job in a US Fortune 17 company. Yes, I am now employed. Again. LOL! The company is great and they really take care of their employees. The benefits and compensation packages are amazing and are really worthwhile.  Anyway, one of the requirements of the job would be that I go online and work as if I live in a different time zone. Since I was trained and has worked in a hospital with different shifts, my body clock is somewhat steady when it comes to this. 
My only problem regarding work would be where to eat after work. (Huge DILEMMA right? LOL!).
It was great that my cousin works in the same company so I had someone to celebrate my first day at work.We really didn't plan anything but we just went over to Recovery Food just because.
It wasn't really my first time eating here so I know about the stuff they offer. One thing that I would really be thankful for is the fact that they are open 24/7~!!

 What I didn't know was that my cousin brought some of his co-staff with him. Even if I was shy, it was actually great to get a more in depth perspective on the different things at work. It was awesome that I would be getting insights from different people aside from my cousin. It was so fun to meet more friends and broaden your network.

After a little meet and greet in the parking area, we went in the restaurant. The place is really small. More or less there would be around 5 booths inside that could fit around 30 people at most.
They have this open kitchen style..
Once we were seated, we were handed the menus. The food here is straight forward. They offer good choices for people to get their stomach full and their brains pumping! Usually this is an after party place but their offerings are also great for breakfast meals! Hence the name, Recovery Food.
 What is nice about their rice meals would be that they give us chances to customize them. They are offered in 2 different sizes. Also, eggs can be sunny side up or scrambled. The rice could be brown or regular or talangka (add 35/50Php) based.

Most of us ordered the Tapa de Morning (180Php). The tapa was well marinated and wasn't chewy. In fact, it was actually soft and easy to digest! One of my new found friend was really loving it. She was a little picky when it comes to Tapa and this passed her standards!
It comes with achara!
 My cousin, on the other hand, chose to have something different from the group. He got the SST or sweet and spicy tuyo (180Php). I had already tasted this before and I can tell you that it is addictive. If eaten after a party, you would really wake up. The flavors are strong and could really kick you! The tuyo was properly done too!
 As for me, well you know what happened?
 This! LOL! I think someone should invent a straw like apparatus to be able to get all the left over rice in a meal. LOL!

This place can really get full during peak hours. It would be nice to go off peak since they are 24/7. The food here are simple yet tasty. Although a little pricey, I believe that the little extra cost is worth it. You could also get drinks in huge bottles. The dalandan flavor is citrusy goodness. In case you just couldn't get a seat (or too wasted to get out of the car), they now offer to serve you in while you're in your car.
 Budget around 300 Php per person.

Recovery Food
G/F Crossroads 32nd st. corner 8th avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig
Near Mercato, SnR and Starbucks.

Disclaimer: I write this on my own free will. No one asked nor did I receive any compensation for this. I just liked their breakfast offers!
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