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Friday, August 16, 2013

My family and I went to pick my bro from their overnight retreat from a far far away land
(It was literally DOWN FROM THE HILL!).
 Since he was hungry, we figured we just go to The Fort to eat up.

My brother did the choosing. He wanted something different. Something that we haven't tried yet. So, we ended up in Stella.
Stella is a pleasant surprise. The restaurant is actually one of the few that started Bonifacio High Street Central. It is adjoined by Rocket Room, which is actually their bar.
We were seated in one of their booths and it was very comfortable. LOL! The color scheme in the restaurant is very light and homey compared to the Rocket Room, which has a darker night time mood.
They have an open kitchen that shows all the magic.
For starters, we were served bread and tomato dip (complimentary).
It was very light and whetted our appetite.
For drinks my brother had the berry lemonade (110Php).
I, on the other hand, had the Passion Fruit lemonade (110Php).
These drinks are really refreshing. Something great for a humid day. Not too sweet and just right.
 I started with their roasted garlic mushroom soup (175Php). The soup was great to warm my tummy. It wasn't watered down. The thickness was just right. The flavors were complete and weren't like a canned soup.
 We had the stella salad (320Php). The veggies were fresh and crunchy. The dressing was light and just delicious. I would suggest that they cut the bacon because it was a little big. Don't get me wrong I love bacon!
The fire roasted truffled mushroom (375Php) was really for all the vegetarians out there. Believe me though, I enjoyed it too even if I am not part of that group. The dough was flufly and chewy in a good way. :D
Stella's Porchetta (395Php) was great on flavors but had a little too much fat in it. The sauce is on the sweet side. You got to admit that adding bacon makes any dish great!

Next up was the slow roasted truffled beef belly (595Php). The jamon serrano was genius (see? BACON!). It gave another dimension to the beef. This is one of those dishes that I can say "sabaw palang pwede ng ulam". Yes I know. I mean the sauce is flavor-full!

For our main event, we ordered the porcini herb rubbed australian rib-eye (995Php). All I can say is THANK YOU LORD!
The meat was super soft. For the price, I think this is a bargain! Believe me! It is!

Your redness makes me drool!

Of course, man doesn't live on meat alone. Thus, we had the yellow basmati rice (95Php). For the price, it was really cheap!
My mom, being my mom, got a little curious when she saw a lot of tables ordering pasta. She looked for another pasta course that would make her happy. (See? It is all my mom's fault why I am getting huge!)
The server was glad to give her a recommendation.
She got the "Firecracker" (395 Php).

We were already full at this point. I was really thinking that we would just doggie bag this pasta for tomorrow's breakfast. YEY! So, I went to the washroom to wash my hands and got back to my dismay. You know what happened? They NUKED ME!
Only the stains were left on the bowl.
This pasta dish was a little spicy in the right way. The seafood in it were cooked properly and were in cohesion to make the dish whole. If you don't like it spicy, you could ask for them to remove the "hotness".

We couldn't just head off without at least trying their dessert offerings. I mean, we were having a good time already and the point of having a meal is getting to dessert.

Upong checking out the menu, 2 things stood out.

We had the chocolate almond cookie dough (195Php) and the Wood fired sweet Asian Crispy Pears (195Php)

Pure genius I tell you! Hot cookie with melting ice cream and nuts! OMG!

The pears were for a trained taste bud. It had liquor taste to it that you might or might not like. Skip this kiddies if you aren't into those kind of things.

One thing I noticed with this resto is that they add bacon to their dishes. Take note kiddies, this is how it is done! Bacon makes everything go right!! AMEN! Also, the orders here are meant for sharing.
 (I am talking to you lil bro!) LOL!
Budget around 700-800 per person.HAPPY TUMMY AGAIN!

Bonifacio High Street Central
Besides Cue Modern BBQ

Yes I know a little pricey :D

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  1. That steak makes me want to cry.. I want to try it! :)

    1. Hahahahaha!!! You should po!!! It was tender and soft. A catch for its price range po ^_^