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Sunday, August 18, 2013

 Seeing this makes you think about what? Yeah that Place! :D :D :D
One Monday night, on my way home, I wanted to check out Sm Aura. I haven't been there because I wanted to let the crowd thin out. You see one thing about me is that I don't like crowds. I tend to stay away from them. Hence, I am an avid patron of Shangri-La. :D 

Since I was really hungry already and was craving for good fried food, I went over to Yabu. It was a little adventure going there. I had to go way way way up. It was also along a closed corridor. 
So when I saw this sign, I was really happy!
Once I got there, I noticed that the place is a little small compared to other branches. They tried to maximize it by putting tables outside though. Even if it was an off peak day, the place still had a waiting line. Since I was alone, I was able to sneak in and be able to get a table quick. I was lucky!
For drinks, I had their watermelon shake (90 Php). It was a tad too sweet for me but it was really watermelonny LOL! Is there such a word? LOL! Maybe I should have asked them not to add sugar :D
For starters, I tried their appetizer set (195 Php). I got to choose 2 of their offerings.
The Iidako salad was baby octopus with cucumber.
I really liked the octopus. It was sweet and spicy and marinated right. The cucumber added that little crunch.
The spinach salad with Goma sauce was something I won't be getting again any time soon.
Honestly, I am not a veggie person so this wasn't really for me. It tasted peanuty but I wasn't really into it. After a fork full, I just left it there.
While waiting for my main dish, I was given this to pass away the time.
We all know the sesame seed grind right? I added a few pinch of salt and of course the sweet sauce :D
After grinding, I went over to the washroom.
On my way to there, I saw Richie's Poster :D Cool! (Magkakaganun din kaya ako? LOL~!)
When I got back, I was served my additional orders first before my main meal.
I asked for oyster (110Php). It was small for me but it wasn't that small. I wished that it would be a bigger for the price.
I also asked for their scallop (110Php)
I was really happy with its size. It was huge and soft and OhEmGee!
After a few more minutes of waiting, I was served with the Kurobuta Miso (580Php) set meal.
I was really really really happy! The sweet miso sauce completed it very well. The breadings were crunchylicious! The addition of spring onions and sesame seeds on top gave another dimension.
 The meat was really soft and amazing. It reminds me of eating steak. It would literally melt. No need to give effort when chewing. The only work would be putting the slice in your mouth and let your tongue do the rest !It was that soft and amazing! (Can I not stress that enough?)
 A huge difference to my experience in Ginza Bairin in Ion Orchard (click).
 When you see this amazing feat of man, you know that one cup of rice won't cut it. Be thankful that Yabu offers unlimited white rice. For the health conscious, they can substitute it for brown rice. No, I am not that conscious! So nah_uh! For those on a diet, FINE just eat their unlimited cabbage with their special sauces!
Honestly, one order of this would be good for 2 persons. It is that much! Ang DAMI!!!! Almost half way through and I was already feeling full! Bloated na as in! But the taste just pushed me to keep on going! Hahahaha! Lamon!

The staff was really accommodating. A little request would always be answered instantly. One thing that was a little uhum was when they served me the main meal already and yet, they asked for it to be "rechecked" after putting it down on my table for a few minutes. For my meal, I had to wait a little longer. Anyway, it was worth it so all is well that ends well. Honestly, I would prefer their Megamall branch because it was more spacious and that its their original one! Comparing my meal to Ginza Bairin in Singapore (click), our very own Yabu is definitely better and a notch higher. Quality to service is way way way on top. Pricing is pretty competitive and just right.   

How was your latest Yabu experience?

5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City
Contact at 556-1001

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  1. I love love love Yabu! Will have dinner again there tomorrow! :)

  2. is is really worth the price and long lines? tamad ako pumila e.. sm aura doesnt appeal to me at all.. i hope they open a branch in resorts world


    btw sugarospice blog is now by invitation only.. mamimiss ko posts nya.. pano kaya mainvite?

    1. HI Sunshine! Uhm for me, I tend to stay away from lines. Like you, I am soooo tamad!!!!If you are up for some yummy fried goodness, go for it :D In terms of price, I believe they are competitive. Almost the same with saboten and ginza bairin.

      Sm aura looks like a bigger version of Sm Annex in North Edsa, almost the same set up and look. The only difference is that Aura has a lot more "higher end" stores. I believe they have a branch in SM Southmall or Mall of Asia if you are from the south po :D

      .... regarding Mama Bear's blog, you could go on over to her instagram and leave your email there. She will be starting to add emails up by tom, if I am not mistaken, because she is out of town :D :D :D

    2. ive never tried ginza barin and saboten in hk ... noodles and dimsum overload lang...i dont really like fried items mahirap iburn ang calories i guess matagal pa kmi magkikita ni yabu...

      sad about sugarospice blog i dont have ig e... hope you wont do that in the future...yours is one of the blogs i regurlarly read


    3. Ah I see! Actually! I have to agree calories are super duper duper super hard to burn off :(. Why can't they invent something good to eat that makes calories burn? hehehehe ! If you do have or would like to try them out. Saboten opened a branch in Serendra. While Ginza Bairin has one in Makati and I believe, would open another in Katipunan next month. :D :D :D ...

      Hearing you say that makes me smile :D Don't worry I won't do that, I think, as of the moment :D LOL!

      Uhm, I might not be able to update my blog with the same rate as I do now because of my job, but I do enjoy writing stuff around so I will try to keep things up and updated as often as I can :D

      If you want you could post your email address here or e-mail me your address so I could send your info to Jane to get you in po.

      :D :D :D Enjoy po

    4. Hi sunshine. :) i just transferred to wordpress. Here's my link. Thank you for reading my blog regularly. And baby bear, thank you for this space. Mwah! :-*

    5. Hi mama bear! No problem!!!... Wait your link isn't showing po! Its

      Anyway its already on my blog roll :D :D :D so Sunshine you could check it out there din po :D :D :D :D :D :D