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Friday, September 6, 2013

Want to make your own pizza but too tired and TAMAD to do it at home? Plus you don't have any ingredients. Then you go here.
Welcome to Project Pie.
Honestly, I was supposed to go here a few weeks ago with a friend but she had a problem at work. Flash forward to last Saturday night. After watching The Conjuring in Shangri-la, my family and I went on over but saw the line was epic as the movie was. The next day, my mom and bro accompanied me to have an early lunch here.
We arrived at around 10 minutes before 11am. There were only 2 tables occupied and no lines.
The place isn't really that big. To get a bigger picture, there are 3 booths that could cater 4 persons each. There are also 3 long tables that are communal, 2 elevated tables and a bar table looking out to the parking. Plus 2 tables outside the restaurant. All in all, you get 64 chairs.
 The mood is like any in a fast food resto.The walls have different "hand written" inspiring messages.
 The ceiling is lined up with a lot of light bulbs.
Anyway enough with that. You line up and start here:
 You get to see a blow up menu but they have a nice brown paper menu for individualized usage.

They first ask you what you want. Either you pick a Red or a White Pizza. Red is tomato based while white has olive oil.
 My brother opted to do his own while my mom and I picked a number from the menu. In retrospect, rather than just picking something on the menu, I should have made my own and used the pre-made ones as a guide.
Di nga???? Promise? JOKE! Of course it is!
Afterwards, you get to pick your drinks.
 I had their chardonnay (250Php) while my mom and bro had soda (unlimited 65Php).
It was good with my pizza and helped me relaxed a bit because of the small kick in it.

 After paying, we noticed that the place was getting packed. Good thing, we were early by a good 10 minutes because there is now a long line and tables were filled up. NOTE TO SELF: go on a non-peak time.
 Waiting and waiting and waiting, our names were called for the pizzas we got.

Here are stuff we got:

Earl's do it on your own (285Php) pie.

Since he made his own, well he didn't like it! LOL! I mean its flavor is more for my dad. Since my dad loves "manager's choice or supreme" type of pizza, he would definitely love this. Too bad he was having a relaxing massage and didn't join us. LOL!

I had the number 7 (285Php).

It had the prosciutto, caramelized onions, mozzarella, parmesan and is a white pizza. The salty and the sweet flavors were lovely. Maybe I could have added more cheese to this and maybe some anchovies and bacon. LOL! Remember, bacon makes the world a better place :D

Because I insisted, mom got the number 6 (285Php)

It was the grilled chicken, sliced red onion, cilantro, mozzarella, gorgonzola and bbq sauce pizza. I got to say this was our favorite pizza. The cilantro's taste wasn't really over powering. Just the way I like it. The bbq sauce was sweet and yummy. The grilled chicken was done just right. The cheeses blended well with the bbq sauce.
Better to mix and match and trade your pizza to get a lot of flavors in. 

Like what I did :D :D :D

If you are thinking that these are the only pizzas we got, well you are dead wrong....

 We also had pizza for dessert. Now what? Yeah dessert!

 We got the banana nutella (145Php) and the strawberry mango nutella (195Php). Okay fine, I got the banana nutella and my mom and bro got the strawberry and magoes.

 This is definitely a winner. Not only does it taste like banana and nutella, they put in some cinnamon to add to that flavor. I really loved this.

Earl and mom, on the other hand, got the one with strawberry and mangoes.
 The ingredients were fresh and were sized appropriately. Not like in other places, were you know that they skimp on it and just give you a few dash of those lovely toppings.

Of course, I had my hand in the "cookie jar" and got to taste both.

This is definitely a carbs overload place. If you are not watching your figure go for it. Thankfully, they have some salad in their menu that could help you tone down. Yeah right! LOL! ... The pizza crust is thin and almost between chewy and crunchy. Its the type that is eaten better when fresh. I believe if its no longer warm, it might be hard to eat it. Also, the pizzas are only good for one person but believe me, it is better to share or trade or (steal) from your eat mate.

 The place isn't really big. The service is top notch and the people behind the counter are very helpful and cheerful. Its only that its a self service kind of place. you get your names called when orders are ready. You then go to the counter to get it. A suggestion that I could make would be to have a checklist and just submit it to the person behind the counter. Or maybe, have a separate line for people ordering from the menu and not having it make your own. It may speed up things because from my observation, the indecisiveness of a customer could really make the line really really really long. I would definitely go back but maybe with my friends and on an off peak time. Budget around 400Php per person.

Project Pie
515 Shaw St, Wack Wack
Right infront of the future SnR building. 
It has a starbucks on its left side.
Coming from Edsa Southband, turn right at shaw.
Just keep on going straight. It would be on your right side.

Parking is a hustle. Bring a driver or be early and avoid the crowd. The place could only handle 4 cars and maybe 2 or 3 more double parked.

 Their menu:
Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my own opinion. NO compensation for this post occurred.
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  1. Waaaaaahhhh I wanna try their pizza too but Wack Wack is just so very far away!!! </3 Yummy ba talaga???

    1. Hi mama bear!!!!! uhm its 5 minutes away from shangrila po. Medyo malayo po talaga from your place. Also if you are planning to go... dont go on lunch or dinner time, Either be early po or be late. The line is just awful if peak hours. The taste really depends on how and what you put on your pizza po. hahahaha But I enjoyed their bbq chicken pizza po pati ung banana and nuttela po hehehehehe. Its a must try pero i would suggest you let the buzz die down po hehehehehehehe!!!

  2. I really really want to try this, but they say the place is crowded during dinner.

    1. Hi Michy!!!! Yeah! totally! Definitely a must try but better to go on a non peak time po

  3. I want to try this! But I'll wait for the buzz to die down since parking may be a problem :)

    1. Yes po! Parking is really difficult. Better talaga pag non peak time pupunta po