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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, I received an email stating that my mom's bdj box was going to be a little late but it would be worth it.

As per request here's the august 2013 BDJ box.
So last Saturday, a package came on over. Now you tell me if its worth the 15 day wait. 
 Opening it!
 But first, here are the papers snacked in the box. More free stuff!
Then, let's open it up!
Here's a description of the stuff in it (click on it to make it bigger):
When I gave it to my mom, she was like all googley eyes. They were as if they saw fashion designer bags and shoes. She proudly proclaimed, "okay tatago ko na ito". LOL! Right there and then, ayun wala na.. Diko man lang nakalkal. LOL!

For me, it was definitely worth it. Of course they were only sample sizes, but if you compute and add them all up, they are defnitely over the monthly dues that were paid. SULIT :D 


I wasn't compensated for writing this post.
 A friend of mine just asked that I write about it so she can decide if she would get a subscription.
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