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Monday, September 9, 2013

Cronuts smomaks... I was really displease with my recent encounter with this talked about dessert in the metro. 
Upon hearing my demise in Wildflour BGC (click), my mother came to the rescue. She did a little hoola booloo and secretly made reservation for some cronuts in Wildflour Podium.
She was really mums about it and said that we were just going for some BONO Gelato (click). Since I really love those gelato, I went with her without any questioning.
See how they prep it? YUMMY!
 I liked how, we were a little bit early and some of the ingredients weren't mixed in yet. So, my mom got a lot of toppings and was just loving it! I, on the other hand, loved the nuts on top of my cold treat!
After we had our full with sweety goodness, we dropped by Wildflour. She, just went all the way to the counter and got our reserved cronuts. 
Hell NO! I won't line up for something like that ever AGAIN!
The wait staff said that they were just prepping them and would be done in around 5 minutes. We were ushered to a table and were given water while waiting.
I would rather go for other goodies in the menu!
The service is really different from their BGC branch. The staff here are better at attending the needs of their customers.  It was a complete turn around with how they handle their patrons.
Anyway on with the food. We actually tried out all their flavors except for the plain one. The only distinguishing difference among all of them would be the hardened topping on top. It was sugary syrup that froze over the cronuts. Each one of them had the same filling. It was bavarian like in taste.
 For a box of 6, it costs 780 Php.
The different flavors : Mixed berries, tiramisu, strawberry, dulce de leche, choco, and vanilla.
 So, we got 2.
 We got them to go and dissected some at home.
 As you can see, the only distinguishing part would be the top layer.
 It is full of sugar! YAAAAA!! Diabetes!
It is flaky and chewy.
 It has this bavarian like filling.
 It seemed that it is baked as a whole but has a small hole in the middle to insert the filling. It was fried really fast as it wasn't too oily nor was there any after taste that came from the oil.
 IMHO, it was just okay. It isn't really worth it when it comes to lining up and waiting for them. It is too sugary for me. If ever I would go for another one, it would be one that doesn't have a sugary coating all over it. Masyadong matamis. Plus, WF's version isn't really that appealing. It is just plain and lacks creativity. From what mama bear said, other resto (although weren't the first in Manila) have better offerings.
Got the extra time and willing to shed effort? Go for it. For 780Php a box, I guess it isn't that much.

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  1. zOMG you still went back for more??? hehehe ako pahinga na muna from cronuts overload ;)) Miss you baby bear hope all is well with the new job! Huwag masyado magpa-pogi points sa ladies!!! ;P Trabaho muna!!! :-*

    1. Hi mama bear! No si mommy kasi sinurprise ako! Nagpareserve siya.... If it was me, no more. Hellish experience po kasi. Plus, yoko na din po masyadong sugary po hehehehe! Miss you po! Don't worry po trabaho muna.... Mamaya na ang girls JOKE!

  2. had problems with my google sign in so i couldnt comment... finally got the chance to try cronuts but from cafe france... . at 99 each caramel and without any other comparison i find it very decent. i tried salted caramel variant and i liked the burst of caramel flavor.. no need to line up coz they have several trays on stock..not likely to be a habit cos i still find it sinful

  3. cant comment on sugarorspice since she migrated bec i dont have wordpress but i still regularly read the blog

    1. Hi Sunshine! How are you? Glad to hear that you have tried Cafe France's version. I also tried it and I find myself liking WF's more in terms of the texture. It is definitely great that Cf's has a lot of stock and doesn't have maarteng policies! No lining up!! Hahahaha! I liked Cf's version in terms of sweetness. Maybe, it was just me but Wf version has a loooooot of sugar. Anyway, even if you don't have wordpress, I think you could still comment over at Sugarprspice's blog. I think you just have to fill in some details ^_^ Have a great one ^_^

    2. though ii realized parang nauto ako was just croissant shaped differently and covered with frosting. . tastewise i can achieve that with a decent croissant (love manila pens) and my fave jam... no need to fall in line

    3. Hahahahahahaha! Don't worry ... I guess it is just a fad.... Also from my sources, (aka as my mom's chikkahan) , CF's version isn't fried. So, it isn't like a real cronut is supposed to be Hehehehehe!