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Sunday, November 3, 2013

My mom just turned a year older around a week ago. Yey!!!
 So last Sunday, we went to Hyatt to chill and to enjoy their brunch buffet in
 Great thing too because it was halloween season.

  My family and I were a bit early so I got a chance to walk around the buffet when they were fixing everything and scout.

The place isn't that big. It sort of gives the no frills vibe and straight up great food.

The front area shows the dessert 
which includes:
These cute scary treats!
pumpkins and candies
and yes I got a crepe made.
and this I enjoyed!
and more sweet stuff.
Yes I know, I love sweets so I started there. LOL!

For appetizers, they served cheese and a few bread choices and some nuts...
which ended up like this on my plate..
and this.
 Yeah, you could make a salad too.
But, I didn't go there to make one. LOL So I skipped.

They also offer fresh seafood.
You can have them cooked any way you want.
Like some oyster with cheese.
The best part of the buffet is their grilling area.
you can have them cooked here.
Also, they got these:
paella negra and the prime rib.
The rib is awesome!

My plate looked like this:
I was actually tempted to just show you this.
or this
but that would be lying. LOL!

Moving to another area, there was a tepanyaki station where you can have whatever cooked.
 and also a station to make those Chinese Noodles
 like this one.
 They also make some mean Japanese food like:
Fresh tempura
and Sushi
They could also cook your pasta
but has a readily available one.

 EPIC .. Just Epic!
Vikings and other buffet places are definitely bigger and cheaper but it can't compare to this. The selections and the quantity here pales in comparison with other buffet places but they sure focus on the quality. The freshness of the food they serve is at par with great restaurants and is top-notch. 
The service is excellent and we felt well received. The chefs manning the stations and the staff serving the tables were all courteous and goes above and beyond what is required of them.

 Aside from the complimentary unlimited soda and local beer, they also serve coffee and tea which my family took advantage off. We enjoyed the place even if it wasn't as diverse as Spirals or as elegant as Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang. We will definitely go back not for the setting or the number of viands but for the taste and the awesomeness off everything!!!
 (I am actually thinking of going there with some friends just to enjoy everything!KKB!)

Hyatt Hotel
Market Cafe
11:30am lunch buffet
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Written by Lovely

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  1. Looks good! I want to try this buffet soon! :)

    1. It is... Still not a lot compared to Sofitel or even Manila Hotel's Ilang Ilang but the quality is great and service is excellent :D :D :D .. I think there is a deal in dealgrocer :D :D :D go for it :D