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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't you hate it when you stayed at home and your family goes out and eats at nice restos!

Such a time happened to me. Yeah just last week. They said that they're just going to the dentist. Behold when they got back after 3 hours, they already ate pizza.

Not just any pizza but STEVESTON pizza. Originally from Canada, this pizza spells luxury all over. If i am not mistaken, they offered the most expensive pizza in the world worth around 20,000 PHP.

In the local market, the most expensive pizza they have is priced at 1,300 Php.  The C1 and
The C2.

Thankfully, they got me just that.

Okay fine, they had an extra slice of the Canadian for me to taste but what the heck it was the C2 that made me drool all over.

 It has a looooot of prosciutto, brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes and a dallop of roasted garlic mousse. 
This is definitely the pizza to look up too. 

The pizza they serve isn't oily nor do they skimp on ingredients. The quantity and the quality is just amazing. 
I, without a doubt, would go to this pizza place if and when I would have cravings. ANG SARAP kasi eh.. Not too oily din (did I mention that already?). Maybe next time, I will try the C1 which is more seafoods or maybe a margarite which could really hit the spot!

Although pricey, definitely worth it. Budget around 800-1300 per pizza. Don't worry one box is good for 2-3 hungry persons.

Steveston Pizza is located in the ground floor of UP Town Center.
 Katipunan, Quezon City
 Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my opinion. I wasn't compensated nor asked to do this.

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  1. A little too pricey for me but I'll give it a try someday. :)

    1. yeah it is michy... pero once in awhile... kahit ma try lang hehehehe ^_^