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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I cried. The end. 
Okay lets start from the start...

I was scanning the net and read about this amazing ramen place. 

Sadly, its situated in HK and Japan and other countries so what the heck.. Don't really care... won't be going out of the country till next year..
 .. Fast forward today... 
Hello Nagi!!!!!! So I cared...
Amazingly to end the year, another ramen franchise entered the country.
Not just any normal ramen joint but an exceptional one. It was named Butao in HK, here its known as Nagi.
After doing some chores, I went on over to try them out in Sm Aura.
The place was lively and gives off a chill vibe. Just a place to go to after work for a steamy bowl of ramen.
Something to slurp the stress away.

 I gladly sat down and went for what my tummy wants!
 I had a beer for my drink and they served complimentary cold barley tea. Believe me that a cold one makes eating ramen sweeeet! 

 If you must know, they only serve 4 types of ramen. From this 4, you could definitely customize em up.
Couldn't decide which of the 4 ramens they serve. 

SO i picked two..!!!  It would be gluttony if I got all of them diba?

While waiting, I noticed the condiments on the side.
 some Barikata (sprouts)!! Unlimited dear so get get get!!!
Tonkotsu or garlic cloves
 which have an instrument to get the flavors mashed out..
 After a few minutes the Black King arrived.

 It was pipping hot!!! This is my type of ramen!
One slurp and tears came out of my eyes. I shit you not. It was that yummy and delightful. I never knew food could make me feel like that. The squid ink gave the flavor that definitely could not be tasted in the usual ramen. The pork belly was soft and luxurious. Damn diet and damn all the calories. This is worth it.
 I also had an additional set of eggs.
 Thankfully.. it was wet.. just as it should be.

After wiping my tears and slurping all the noodles I can, I asked for my 2nd bowl!

The green king.
 It was oh so wrong but it came out right. Basil, olive oil and cheese in your ramen? Can it be? 
Yes! Definitely! It reminded me of eating pasta dishes but wetter and with soup to slurp it all out! Grabe!!
I had a side order of seaweeds. Totally worth it!
 Wouldn't you know, I also did something I haven't done before!
I went on over and tried a restaurant on their 1st day and even became their 1st customer. Checked it off my bucket list. LOL!

The food is definitely worth it! You would not regret going there and trying it out. The place is packed during peak hours, so go on over during off. Or be like me, time everything and go there on Sm Aura's opening. (10am for you folks LOL).

 The service was excellent. Jm took care of my needs. Props to him!
I hope they continue to do their job and keep on giving ramen lovers their due.
 Budget around 500 Php per person.

They plan to open a 2nd branch in SM MOA either by the end of the year or come January..

Nagi Ramen
5th Floor Sm Aura
BGC, Taguig,
Besides Yabu.

Disclaimer: I paid for my meals and I wrote this post based on my own opinion. 

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  1. You should bring us there some time. :)

    1. Nyhahaha!!!!i michyyyy tis oh slurpy ... Yummy !!!

  2. cute post. And omg my "palo sa pwet" is right there for all to seeee GAHHH!!! ;)) I'm so going there the next time we're in aura. And fyi, I'm getting 4 all for myself hahaha! :P

  3. 2 nyhahahahaha mama bear!!! go for it!!! try limited ramen too! im not just so sure if what it is... they say its the specialty of the day... sort of surprise hehehehe ^_^ }