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Monday, December 23, 2013

Off from a long flight, my tita and cousin (ate) had wanted to eat some hearty breakfast. Actually, they told me that they were full from the inflight meals. Yeah right guys!... You know and I know that you need food especially since it was that kind of day....

It was a difficult day for us. I came from an all nighter. They had to withstand a delayed flight from LA and a close family member recently passed away. Tita was here for a few weeks and went back to LA.  Exactly, after a week, it happenned. Now, she is back with ate. Stress and jet lag....

I knew I had to let their tummy be happy because it was the only way I could make them smile.
It was pretty difficult to look for a great breakfast place at an early morning time. I mean, we already ate at Early Bird Breakfast Club (click) and even Recovery Food (click). They didn't like IHOP (click) because they read my blog.. with the spider incident and the taste.. , they were looking for something else.
Time for old school stuff then... 
So, hello pancake house!
Pancake house has been open for the longest time. I would remember going to SM North Annex when I was a kid every week to eat at PH.

For a quick breakfast bite, it would be the defacto place to go to especially if you want some plain old filipino food.

When we arrived, the place was packed. There was only a table left. This was at 7:30 in the morning. Grabe!

Since we wanted to eat and fast, we ordered straight away. 

I started off with some salad. 
Not just any salad but the taco salad. The chippy bits and the dressing was amazing. This old school favorite of mine definitely hits the spot. Even if ate wasn't that hungry (she is a health buff), she got a few bites of this and enjoyed it. It was the secret vinaigrette that made it all work. 

For the past few weeks, tita was having the munchies. I mean, she definitely wants to eat 3 old school pinoy fave at the same time. Of course, I gladly said yes and order them for her.

The first one was the longanisa. It was accompanied by a mixture of mangoes and tomatoes. Perfect combination.

Then the tocino.
It was sweet and soft to the bite. Grabe, I never knew tocino like this. YUMMY!

Of course, there must be tapa!

I was a bit disappointed with this because it was hard to eat. Taste wise, it was just okay.

Ate wanted to just have a simple snack.
She had the banana pancakes.

She liked it and devoured it. See how a healthy eater she is? She puts the butter on the side and puts minimal syrup. OMG!

For me, I had the old school favorite.

Can you guess what it is? Roast... Roast... chicken...

It's placed on top of bread and with a healthy serving of the gravy. Plus, it has a side of potato salad and fries. YUMMY! Really brings me back when I was a kid and would always steal this order from my dad.

 Tita said "you fulfilled my fantasy".... and with that it made my inner self smiled.
 It was the least thing I could do for them.  For us, for our aching hearts...
See how people who aren't hungry eat and leave their plates. LOL!

Pancake House
Bonifacio High Street
Besides Kabisera by Dencio
Near High Street Central.
BGC, Makati or is it Taguig City.

Disclaimer: I paid for our meals. I post this based on my opinions.

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