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Monday, January 27, 2014

Here's my True Horror Date Story: 
Going home from a dinner and a movie in RW with a friend and hoping to get home before 12 on a Saturday date night.  Got in my car and BAM!!!
Car wouldn't start.
Pri (my car's name) just bogged down. It purred like a kitten for a second or two and its out..
 Damn... no luck tonight...Worst, its already 10:30pm.
Called my driver (secretly hoping he isn't out and partying so I could just have my car changed... which yeah.. he was out drinking) and asked him for some tips and other things to check in the car.
then... my worst fear was confirmed when he said...
"mukang battery ang problem je"
Damn it!! Damn it!! I knew he was right. Head lights weren't strong and even the stereo was a little weak.
Dyahe... naman..
Going home and my car wouldn't start. I am stuck in Resorts World with someone else in the middle of the night..I called mom and asked some information. Good thing some of my bro's friends and their parents were still at our place doing some project for school. One suggested Motolite 24/7 delivery. Thank you tita!

I called the hotline (632)370-6686 and gave all the information needed.
Type and model of my car, my exact location, and the battery to be sent on over.
I asked how long should I wait... Approximately an hour the guy said at the other line. Sounds reasonable especially at this time of the night.

After putting down the phone , I got a call within 10 minutes and the technician assigned to me called in and asked some more details and verified information.  
So, what happened with my uhmmm friend? Well I got her busy...
Looking back, it was a great idea for me to bring my good old ipad and have her watch Maroon's 5 concert.
Something to distract her.....I am so sorry..C..... promise I will make it up to you... sayang di natuloy ang balak ko bwhahah!JOKE!
 I coordinated with the mall's security and asked the SOP and have them escort the guy to the parking lot.
After an hour of waiting, the guy got to my car.
He checked everything like a professional should. Everything was precise and down right straight forward.
The mall's security guard even helped out... Kudos to them..
Kuya from Motolite brought in some gear... to check the batteries.
 This would check if the battery was still working and if the delivery system was fine...
After changing the battery, all that was left was the payment. I chose to pay via credit card since I could easily reimburse it with my parents (LOL)!! take note and have a record of the payment...
 Yeaps... They bring in a swipper for those paying via credit card...
Then, they just fill in the paper works and have everything in order. All done within 30 minutes!!!
Thankfully, I was able to bring my date back home by 12:30am and I was home around 1:30am. 
Whew!! I would really like to thank the security guards in Resorts World and also this bright idea of Motolite.

The following day, my parents and driver checked out the battery and some of the paper works. According to them the battery that conked out was only a few months old. So, we had my payment reimbursed! It was refund baby!! Wohooooo!!!! 
We just had to coordinate it with their hotline and went on over to the store that changed my battery in Makati.
Along pasong tamo.. Near Little Tokyo
 Even if some of the paperwork was missing, the main office just had the information faxed on over to this branch. Everything was quite smooth sailing from there.
They checked the old battery and found it defective. We were also informed that the new battery in our car was actually of a lesser quality so we demanded it to be changed to the same level of the original battery.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any stock. So, off we go on a roadtrip and got our new battery at a different store all for free. I guess, only our time and gas were spent in changing the batteries. No biggie as we had it changed all for free...
Some of the lessons I learned from this would be to always bring an Ipad and have the number of Motolite saved in my cellphone. Whew..... in any case, I am thankful that motolite has this kind of service. It is quite affordable and really helpful that they have this available 24/7 in the metro. 

Motolite Express Delivery
Works 24/7 in Metro Manila and in Key Cities in Philippines

Disclaimer: made this post based on experience and on my own opinion. Wasn't paid nor asked to write this down.
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  1. Historical na ba to, Jeng? hahaha. :P

    1. Oo eh .... Like a virgin.... Experienced it for the very first time hahahahahahaha !!!! Grabeeeeeeeeeee

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  3. Happened to me as well ☺ although my battery was already 3 years old. It showed signs of death but i didn't realize that those were signs.. Thankjs to Motolite I was able to go home that night

    1. Hi. I hope you dont mind but can you tell me how i can contact them. Im stuck in qc and i live in paranaque. My battery went off as well

  4. According to their website their 24 hour CONTACT number is (370-6686 Manila/ 1-800-10-370-6686 Provincial Toll Free)...

    Hope this helps.

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