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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coming from a bug... A literal stomach bug......I was feeling a bit queesy... but since I had a dinner/movie appointment... Well screw it!!! 
Found ourselves here... 

Drove all the way to Pasay and  promised to let a friend try something new... Believe it or not, she had never tried anything fresh.. like sashimi.. Since it was Saturday afternoon and traffic was epic, we figured going to a nearby mall instead of trooping all the way to my favorite mall in Mandaluyong (yup shang..).

And we were supposed to watch a movie and since we had a schedule to follow, we needed to eat quick and fast... Thankfully, there was no one eating in Mr. Kurosawa. 

For drinks, I had a cup of hot tea (complimentary).. Just something to sooth my tummy..
While she had a glass or bottomless blue tea (108Php)

Well she made it clear she wasn't eating any fresh seafood so fine... 
We just got a crunchy kani roll (278Php)
Deep fried kani strips on top of bare kani rolls.
What is going to a Japanese resto without some ebi tempura (398Php)
Normal.. nothing too fancy.
and some beef teppan (378Php).
asked it to be cooked medium... well it went out almost well done.

Food was okay nothing to rave about. Tasted okay. Seems that the menu is the same with Sumo Sam. In any case, the service was okay and food was all right. Budget around 400 per person. 
I guess, people go here for some of the cocktail drinks they serve. Medyo mura na compared to other places...and I went for the company and not the food... :D

 Mr. Kurosawa
2nd Floor Resorts World Manila
Pasay City
Infront of Naia 3

Disclaimer: paid for our meals. Posted my own opinion
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  1. For the same price, I could have a feast in Kimono Ken. Oh well.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. and that what happens when you try to reply while driving... hahahaha ... i remember back when ai was in college, one of my closest friend and I would always go on Japanese food tripping and kimono ken would be always on the list because its soooo affordable... hahahahaha