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Friday, January 17, 2014

I know of another epic way of ending my birthday week, it was to try and go to as many restaurants as you can in a day. LOL!
Exactly what I did!
So, my workmates and I were able to go to 3 places in Tagaytay and all this before lunch. From Breakfast at Antonio's to Bag of Beans to Original Buko Pie (click). 
So come lunch time (still full from breakfast), I had the opportunity to try this resto bar.
 As if going to Tagaytay early in the morning wasn't enough, I had a lunch meet up with another blogger friend. Since she was free and was in the vicinity of BGC and so was I, I agreed on the lunch out! So on the way back from Tagaytay, we met up and went on over to High Street to try out the new restaurants from the makers of The Goose Station (click).

Hello Michy!!! See her in her blog I am dekaphobic. Time for some catching up...
Thought bubble: ... food food food... diet.. Yep she lost weight.. kailan kaya mangyayari sa akin un?
Once we got in a little past 1pm, we were greeted by their bar. If only I had one like this at home...
I think I only have 1/4th the size...
 Of course it tempted me to try one of their cocktails because it was soo hot outside..complete turn around from Tagaytay!! 
So I got an Amaretto sour (250Php). Good enough but URBN's better (click).
Michy had their sugar free iced tea (120Php).. refillable
All right drink...not overly sweet. Brewed Tea.
And now on to the meal... 
 Started with the Bacon Fat Frites (235Php)
Bacon Fondue, Parmesan and Black Olives. The sauce was parmesan based with a hint of bacon ... and not the usual made from mayo. Reminds me of Duck You from Green Pastures (click and click). Would have wanted and loved cherry vinegar as a dip for the frites.

From their artisan pizza menu, we picked the Honey, Truffle Oil and Egg (420Php)
 Parmesan Mornay, Herb Bouquet, Confit of Black Olives.  
A little bland for me. I couldn't quite taste the flavors. Yes the pizza crust was cooked perfectly. Not too thick and a little crunchy. I hope they could improve on the taste though because it was really bland. I only tasted the truffle as somewhat of an after taste. Olive taste wasn't there. I know I can see it but..I couldn't taste it.. 
Next up was the  Sopranos Sunday Gravy (430Php)
 Spag and meatballs; Ox Tail and Tripe; Bone Marrow and Chicken Liver. A little too different for me. The meatballs were moist and well cooked while the pasta was al dente. A-OK.

What made my day was the Crispy Pork Belly (550Php)!!
Apple and Raisin Glaze, Liver Parfait and Poached Apples, Mountain Rice.
Almost perfectly cooked.
The meat was soft and it melts in my mouth. The glaze was lovely and gave the touch of something sweet to this deep fried goodness. What I didn't like was the skin. It wasn't crunchy. It was makunat. I hope next time the skin gets a little more fried to get its texture right! But still.. YUMMY!

I liked the chill setting the place has. Great for a night out after work. The place even has a small private room good for 10-15 persons which I believe could be rented out. 
Art pieces were lined up around and yes they were visually stimulating to the eyes. LOL! Feeling artsy LOL!

Service was okay, no problems with that. I think they were a little bit overwhelmed when the place gets packed. Once our tables were prepared, I was quite surprised to see a baby chair for our table...(may anak na ba kami?) LOL! Other than that.. all good... Budget around 800Php per person.

A great way to end my birthday week. Yahooo... actually, I wanted to go out on a movie date or something like that... but I guess I am super duper duper tired from all the road trip and driving and eating I did around... Yes my tummy can only take so much and the traffic would make my feet hurt......and fine na hiya ako mag yaya... (shy much LOL!!!)
 From eating in Mamou's (yes we returned after a week to get the steaks) and getting breakfast with the cousin in Early Bird last week.. to all of what has happened the past year..concerts, events, and out of towns, I am thankful for all the blessings that God gave me, my friends and my family.

 From the new friends to the new work and even to the experiences I had encountered.
Definitely awesome!!!

Cheers! Here's to another great year!!! YAHOO!

Just don't ask my age! I will deny it to death but... I can tell you I am still under 3-0! bwhahaha! yeah men!

Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar
Bonifacio High Street
Near Friday's

It was great catching up with this blogger girl. Look at how she works...
Siya na siya na!!! It was awesome catching up with you!

Views and opinions here are mine alone. Paid for our meals.
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  1. Naumay ako sa mukha ko! hahaha! :)

    Great to see you, Jeng! See you again soon!!! :)

    1. Naumay ka ba??? Hahahahaha madami pa akong pics dito.... nyhahahahaha!!! went to that shang resto and it was good... loved the cheese and also the decors were quite nice... and since im a super duper rice eater.... naubos ko sa sarap bwhahahahaha !!!! ^_^ see you soon

    2. Will wait for your post about it! :)

    3. and im waiting for yours hahahahaha ^_^

    4. Uuuuyyyy! Binigyan kayo ng high chair!! ;) Sabi siguro may potential ang love team hahaha! Happy to see you had a great birthday week-long celebration! :-*

    5. nyhahahahaha yan ka nanaman mama bear eh hahahahahahaha... we should definitely eat and catch up!!!! as innnnn!!!! daming chikaaaa that i senseeeee hehehehe

  2. i love amaretto sour too! :) that honey truffle oil and egg pizza looks good.. i like their gnocchi there! Anyway, belated Happy birthday! :)

  3. i love amaretto sour too! :) that honey truffle oil and egg pizza looks good.. i like their gnocchi there! Anyway, belated Happy birthday! :)

    1. Hi Berylle!!!!!! Weeeeeee!!!! Thank you so much for the greet!!! At last someone that likes a little alcohol! Hahahaha! I guess better than the food ....its the company that makes any dine out fun and worth while !!!!! Thanks thanks po!!!!!