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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Right? So would it be wrong if I wanted to  go all the way to Tagaytay just to indulge myself...for the nth time. LOL!
 So... Continuing with my birthday week, my workmates and I went on a road trip. Just because. 
and when one is at Tagaytay, one knows where to get breakfast. 
Only at Breakfast at Antonio's.
Upon arriving at around 8am on a Saturday, Breakfast at Antonio's (click) was packed. The lot outside was filled with cars and to think it was only open for an hour. The best seats of the house, along the ridge, was full and my friends and I just took a table on the side.
While we were waiting for our table to be prepped, I had the time to nose around and have a looksie at their bake shop.
Filled with goodies! I want that and that and that!!
Tip: get a loaf of their turkish bread and make your own french toast at home.. = love!

The place looks exactly the way it was from a year ago and from my last visit a couple of months back.
Definitely simple, open and refreshing interiors. What is awesomer is that the open area at the back is now available for smokers and for selfie takers
Freaking freezing.. bring a jacket and don't wear a skirt or else it will be blown away!
Anyway, once we were seated, we ordered straight away. I realized that they changed and updated their menu. Gone are the huge one pager and now it seems they, along with other restos in the metro, are going for the clipboard type menu. What's great is that they now offer a lot more choices to choose from. Of course, I still went with my favorites. LOL! 

I had the unlimited brewed coffee (180Php).
Awesome as it was served with muscovado, white sugar and fresh made cream and yes I asked for splenda.. (stevia would have been better). I think I was able to drink 4 cups of these as it was freaking cold!  Sulit if you drink coffee like a black hole (DING DING = me!!!) but a little overpriced if just for one cup.. great thing they now have a lot of different coffees types to offer.

Most of my friends had the hot chocolate (130Php)
Great for the cold weather...not too sweet and surprisingly awesome!  
 While the other one had a Jade Ice Tea (TWG) (120Php) 
Don't know why but with it being cold... she still ordered this LOL! Ang lamig na nga te eh.. LOL!
No matter, on to the food!!!!

Let's go around the table why don't we. 

A new addition to their menu is the croque madame (380Php)
Sorry Cx2 I know I promised to share the food with you as in half! Half half na tayo! Promise next time! Last na to!!
Ham, swiss cheese and bechamel sauce.. yes eggs on top!!! According to Cx2, it was actually too big for her. LOL! My fault.. my bad... Simple and hits the spot.

2  got omelettes. The first one was bacon, mushroom and cheese (400Php)
Served with perfectly made hashbrowns. Not overcooked and is something for egg lovers!
The other was bacon and cheese. (375Php)
Melted and goeey cheese spurring out the center.

The rest had roestis. 
Roesti Bacon (320Php)
Bacon is cruncy and totally YUMMY! They didn't scrimp on the ingredients. Quality and quantity = happy tummy!
and of course I had the Roesti Ham (370Php).
Ever so perfect. Simple. Ham and cheese and egg on top of roesti. I missed the panini they served with this. This time around, they only had a slice of toasted bread to go with it.
and yeah.. I still got an order of french toast (295Php)
See how thick it was? It wasn't hard nor was it over cooked. Fluffly and ow so yummy. Had cinnamon flavoring and the sides definitely complimented it.
Adding the syrup was definitely the highlight to the meal. Rich but not too sweet and ow so lovely!!!

Definitely nice to experience the lovely weather and the cool breeze that came with it. From my car, it showed 20-22 Celsius. Meaning to say, it must have been a few degrees lower when it came to the cold air blowing right to our face. Grabe!

Fine.. my head looks like a bowling bowl... taking one for the team.
What's next? Well stopped on over to bag of beans for a little take out and even to the original buko pie place.. LOL epic way to start the day...

as requested here are some other pics...pardon the captions..LOL! Indulge me since it was my Birthday Week after all.
ang babaeng mahilig mag picture... kahit nililipad na ang damit.
The other lover...
Sana nag jump shot..
 The table after the storm.

 shot on the steps...
 and another one... at B of B near Tagaytay Rotonda...

 and  then... off to another lunch with another friend.. LOL
wait for it on Friday.

Breakfast at Antonio's
Tagaytay Ridge

Disclaimer: Paid for our food; opinions are mine and mine alone.
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  1. I didn't it was your birthday weekend! We should meet soon, as in soon! :)

    1. nyhahahahaha !!! hahahaha I know what you are gunning for michy.... japanese food!? hahahahaha lol

    2. Iba naman. hahaha! But that resto you are thinking was really goooood! :) Posting my review about it this week. :P

    3. that was in shang? franchise ata siya noh? hmmmmmm and i heard good things about it.... hmmmmm how bout the one in greenhills ? hahahahaha with the 4 types of pork to try OMG drool...... damn .... BP cholesterol check please!!!!

  2. Omg sorry baby bear belated happy birthday!! </3 Looks like you had a grand time. Haven't been to the breakfast area, only the main. But hopefully, my Kap will feel romantic & surprise me one day! :P Have a FUNtabulous year ahead, & may you find THE ONE this year! ;)

    1. nyhahahaha thank you mama bear.... ^_^ im trying to keep it hush hush just because LOL hahahahaha... uhm I got to say this antonio's resto is definitely , for me, is the most romantic.... I mean its along the ridge... and you get to just stare at Taal with your special someone hahahahahaha!!! I hope Kap does take you here... since you are just an hour away or less from Tagaytay!!! .... I will definitely have awonderful year... and as for the ONE lets see mama bear... hahahahaha ihanap mo naman ako dian south hahahaha JOKE!!!! thanks thanks po hahahahaha

  3. Belated happy birthday!!!! :D We're both January babies pala! Anyhow, great that you had a really yummy birthday celebration at Breakfast at Antonio's. I want to go back again soon, but it takes me some planning pa to go to Tagaytay! *sigh* Will definitely try their Croque Madame next time, and of course, their heavenly roesti!

    1. Wow!!!! Happy birthday too Sumi!!!! Basta january bday .. mahilig sa food!!!!! hahahahaha lol ..... minsan just go!!! I mean make it happen iut of no where!! Just take a chance and go to tagaytay!!! Its only an hour or so away naman!!! and usually theres no traffic!!! no more planning!!!!!! Yes try everything !! they added a lot of stuff since last year.. and everything looks divine!!!! hehehehehe kung iba lang kasama ko napadami din siguro ako sa order hahahahahahaha LOL!!!! hope to see you in the near future! I would love to know what goes in the mind of ms sumi... especially when it comes to food!!!! hehehehe