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Friday, January 31, 2014

My lola hasn't been out of the house since lolo passed away. She was a bit depressed. So, we took an opportunity and grabbed her for a quick lunch before visiting lolo. Even if she already ate, we still pushed for it. Since UP Town Center was on the way to the cemetery, we had a quick one there.  
I knew lola wanted something sweet. She could devour a bowl of ice cream and eat lots and lots of candies and her sugar level would still stay normal. How envious am I of that!? Think eating sugar and still staying fit and not have a huge tummy! Since I tried Dulcelin a few months back because of their mango torte, I knew this would be a nice place to have a quickie. 

Located in Up Town Center, I am thankful that the owners went on ahead and opened up their first restaurant after having just a home store along Times St for the longest time. It was only logical for their business to grow.
Great job!
The place is straight forward, around 70-90 can fit, I guess and they have some al-fresco dining area. Best to eat outside since the weather is nice and cold.

Once we were seated, we ordered our drinks.
Lola wanted some hot tea for the cold weather. So she picked some from a box.
 A pot would cost only 60 bucks. Nice right?
She picked jasmine green tea. Smooth and great for the weather.
 Mom, on the other hand, had the calamansi juice (60Php).
 Ang asim!!
 I tried their bottomless brewed iced tea (60/90Php).
Not too sweet and just right.
To start our mains, we ordered lengua (330/600Php sharing).
Ox tongue smothered in brown sauce, chorizo El Ray and mushrooms. Served with steam rice.
Presentation could be improved but definitely a winner! The tongue was soft and tender. The sauce went well with the dish.

The next would be the Scotch Egg (200Php/350Php sharing)
Marinated egg, packed with Italian garlic sausage, Breaded, Fried and served with Miso Corn Rice and seaweed salad. This particular dish reminds me of Green Pastures's pinoy egg (click). The garlic sausage is mild. The seaweed salad is divine. Some sesame oil and I guess honey. Not too sweet but definitely a great compliment to any dish.

The Srf American Wagyu tri-tip(550Php) is the perfect dish for any meat lover.
Thinly sliced Wagyu Tri Tip served with truffled mashed potatoes, miso corn and sauteed French Beans with Japanese steak sauce. The meat is tender and soft. The potatoes tasted lovely with the truffle flavor. The serving is enormous and is good for 2-3 persons. Yummy!!!!!!
Of course, you can't go to dulcelin without trying their dessert! Duh!! That is what they are known for!!!!
You should start with their mango torte (Php1100-12', 750-9", 130/slice)
Crispy chewy nougatine, golden mangoes and cream. Plain and simple. Mangoes and a little crunch. SAWAP!!!! Even lola liked this!!!
And we also tried the callebaut chocolate ganache cake (9"-1430/ 6"-650/165 for a slice)
Premium Belgian chocolate icing, chocolate mousse center, sprinkled with almonds. The chocolate used wasn't too sweet and the middle of the cake was lovely!!!

The place is straight forward. Nothing fancy and good food all together. The food can be for sharing. So I guess its a good place for a family lunch or a small gathering. The price isn't that bad. The service was fast although I think they're a bit frantic going around especially when the place is packed. Now, if only they serve sugar free desserts. LOL! Would definitely be back. Around 400-500Php/ person would do.

Started putting in watermarks in my pictures. I am so sorry I had to do this. Argh destroying my own pics :(
I recently received emails and messages containing proof that there are some people copying and pretending that my pictures are theirs. Sad... Anyway, any suggestion on how to make good watermarks or logo? I am sooo a newbie on this and I am no artist.LOL!... Thanks Michy for giving me a heads up on which program to use.

Dulcelin Gourmet
2nd Floor
Up Town Center, Katipunan
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Original branch along Times Street, Quezon City

Disclaimer: Paid for our food. Wrote this post based on my own opinion.
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  1. I tasted their Mango Torte eons ago. Should try visiting UP Town Center na talaga. hehehe.

    1. dude!!!!! you have to seriously... panay restos kasi as in!!!!!