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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"You got it... you got it bad... when you're on the phone hung up and you call right back..." - Usher
 Literally !!!! Yeah.. I got it bad...

One freezing day, I was craving for some ice cream. Not just any ice cream but ICE CREAM that I know I would love. Hindi pwede ang basta basta lang....
But I was too lazy to drive out and go to Bono Gelato (click)....

So, I got on some researching and found one that would deliver just about anywhere in Manila. Wouldn't it be nice if all the lovely stuff in the world we want can be delivered right to us without extra charge and on a timely manner. 
That was what I experienced with Dojo Dairy. 
 At first I was shy... Thinking ... and doubting myself... At the end.... what the heck.... I contacted them...
They promptly replied and answered all my queries. They were also true to their word and got my ice cream delivered just before 1pm.

Dojo Dairy offers Japanese Ice cream made from Hokkaido Milk! It is creamy and rich and no additives and emulsifiers. Yummy !!!!!!
I got a lot of them... as you can see LOL! They offer 10 flavors and with reasonable prices for their caliber.
Here are some of them:
For the kids at heart, the strawberry banana would definitely hit the spot.
The banana and the strawberry definitely complimented one another. Kinda like a date on a cold summer night. LOL!

On the otherhand, the miso sake is different. It commands a more mature audience. The salty flavor reminds me of salted caramel desserts but has a different angle to it. This definitely is an acquired taste.
For an intermission to any meal, this lemon would definitely be the answer.
The lemon was distinct and helped cleared flavors out of my mouth. It reminds me of a sorbet I had once... A long long time ago....

Now lets move on to my favs....
The black sesame and its straight up flavor.
Not too sweet and has this sesame (duh!!!) flavor. It wasn't overwhelming but just right! A little roasty but not too much...
Next up would be the green tea!
Since I love green tea. this is a no brainer!!!!!! The matcha flavor was definitely there plus the addition of the nuts made it wonderful. The cream and the texture.. OMG!!! Pwede na pang tapat sa Green Tea latte sa starbucks LOL!

Anyway, you guys saw my orders so fine.... I ordered a lot... and wasn't enough.. So the next day.. mom, being the good and kindhearted she is.. ordered some more...

So hello freezer... LOL!
Don't ask... I won't tell...

I promise.. I will have some more... LOL! I sooooo love it!!!!

If you noticed I ordered Buttercream too.. Wondering why it wasn't here?
Well the monster in persona of my little bro's tummy ate it even before I got to try it..
DAMN!!!! must have some moreeeeeee!!!!

Dojo Dairy
0918-888DOJO (3656)

Price List: 8oz 230Php, 16oz (pint) 450Php, and 32oz (quart) 850Php.
For orders less than 1000Php, there is an additional delivery charge. 1000Php and up = free delivery.
Available also in Little Tokyo, Makati.

Disclaimer: Paid for the ice cream; wrote this based on my own opinion.
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  1. Ganda kasi ang post mo UNBIASED like some "food bloggers" kuno who write rave reviews (Oh! I'm in heaven! blah blah blah) just because they got the ice cream for FREE. I'm happy you really SPEND for your object of review. Sometimes it saddens me that there's no ETHICS in food blogging in this country.

    1. uhm thanks Juan for the uhm compliment.. although, i wouldn't say that all bloggers are like that. Anyway, i just hope to write down what I experience and enjoy the ride ^_^