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Monday, February 3, 2014

After watching Wicked (click), my brother and I were at a lost with where to eat. I mean, it was already almost 11 and the traffic was horrible. We originally wanted to go to Aristocrat, but I didn't like the vibe I was feeling. so, we ended up here.  
At almost 12 midnight, the place was packed. I mean this small eatery would house around 70 at most and yet, the parking is full and people were there to eat. The place isn't that big and isn't that clean compared to a normal restaurant but heck it was good old yummy food that we came for.

After watching wicked, we were really hungry. Damn traffic!!!! So we ended up here.
A nice quiet 24 hour eatery. Nothing fancy but straight up home food and the prices... well lets just say... my mom would be proud we ate there because my brother is a picky eater...

We started things off with  some tofu. Tokwa rumble (139Php) is not for the weak.

Because it had some of these.

Believe it or not this isaw or intestine tasted awesome! There was nothing in there that would taste like ewww but rather it was smooth and soft. Easy to take in.

Next up was the beef tapa (77Php/small)

It was a little under seasoned but okay. For the price no problem! If you are not craving for it, skip it.

Now for their best seller!! The buttered chicken!!!! (175 Php Small)
This my friend ain't small. It is really good for 3 persons and yes it tastes really really really good. It isn't oily and spiced just right. Ask that the sauce be put aside so you get to add just the right amount and taste it just the way it is.

and man can't live without rice. Their shanghai rice (47Php) is somewhat different!
It was kinda plain and just fried rice with egg and ham. But I got to tell you, it worked well with the food that we got. Since we are rice eaters we got 2 of this. Although, one order is good for 2-3 small person. LOL!
I enjoyed this real gem of a place. I never knew there are still these kind of restaurants. It may not be as pricey as your ordinary restaurant. It may just be an ordinary eatery but heck they serve hit the spot food with the right price. Definitely worth going back to.... Another tip would be their kikiam. They are also known for it. If you aren't that much into their eating there, I suggest calling in and just pick up the food. Budget around around 150-200/ hungry person.

New City Food House
16 Kalayaan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
From East Ave, turn to V. Luna. 
Turn right at the intersection (Kalayaan)
Make a U-Turn at the intersection. The Restaurant is at your right.

Disclaimer: Paid for our food, wrote based on opinions.
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  1. Such a simple, healthy menu! My goal is to simplify my diet and thank you for all your recipes and tips.

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