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Friday, February 7, 2014

Somebody said that home is where the heart is... Maybe we could also say that it is where the tummy is happy. My tummy to be exact!@! LOL!

One traffic filled Saturday, going left and right on Edsa.. with me on the road for almost 1 and a half hour (DO NOT TAKE EDSA on a weekend!!!) definitely made my tummy growl!!!!
...Michy of I am dekaphobic and I met up just outside of a simple looking restaurant.

Located just beside Project Pie (click) and in front of SNR Shaw, this restaurant seems full... and upon looking in... there was this whole table filled with bloggers left and right... Yep.. this is the place.
The vibe was that of being at home. Relaxing hues and playful decorations. Cheerful and funny conversations with friends. Although a little small inside, the place had an alfresco dinning out back. Seems to me, this is a good place to relax with good friends, put your feet up and eat up.

But before eating, quenching one's thirst is really important. So, I had a choice between Strawberry Lemon Quench (110Php) and Lemon Celery Pandan (110Php)... I chose the lemon flavored and it didn't disappoint.
Served in an old school bottle with caps separate from the glass, it makes the flavors marinate and really stay in there. Asim!
Another wonderful revelation would be the sago like pearls at the bottom of the drinks. No they weren't pearls, they were "bopa" (I hope I got it right..), These little spherical genius of a drink invention pops! They aren't chewy like the normal pearls/tapioca. On each bite, and they explode. They are filled with liquid surprise!!! Don't miss ordering them up!!!

For starters:

We started with Creole Style Eggs (290Php)

Here we have 2 poached eggs topped with beef patty, melted swiss cheese and rich spicy buttermilk cream sauce. It was the sauce that won me over. It is great and goes with everything.

Salmon Hash and Eggs (290Php)
Fresh salmon, sauteed with garlic, peppers, onions and served with fries. The salmon was flavorful and fresh. I would have wanted it to have some more of it... I love the fries.. and I love the runny eggs. What I love doing more is dipping the fries on the egg yolk..deadly!

Another dish that would get you start your day would be the Mother's Inspiration (175Php)
Sausage, ham, mesquite chicken, capsicum, mushroom, olives and cheddar cheese. Mix them all up and bam!!!

As a breakfast all day place... they have some awesome rice meals that would rock your world...

and this Don Malutong (275Php) really did!!!
Damn crunchy belly !!! BACON reinvented to make you drool. Crunchy and awesome! Definitely made perfect!!! Kinda like the barcino strips of Recovery Food (click).

Another Filipino staple served would be the Primera Tapa (280Php)
Tapa marinated right and not on the sweet side.

Another variant of this would be the Salpy Cow (290Php)
Garlic goodness...

Now, we went on over to the big boys....
The baby back ribs (390Php) was everything and anything I want.
It was huge, soft and tender. Its good for 2-3 persons. Lovely and OMG! Ang sawaaaaaap!!

Another heavy dish would be the B&P Chick to Chick (425Php)
Deep fried chicken with buttermilk batter. Crunchy and crispy. Served with french toast, but we had a pancake instead. The chicken meat was juicy and wasn't dry. The gravy goes well with the chicken.

And if you are up for something light, they even serve something for merienda or snack.
The baked mac (190Php) was all cheese goodness!! Definitely yumyum!!!
It is Bolognese, bechamel and cheese sauce... Cheesy cheesy cheesy!!!

Now for the healthy buffs out there, they have a menu any healthy guy or girl would love and yes they also serve a bunch of omelettes .

And since I am not into healthy stuff.. I kinda went to another place when these were served. HEHEHE!
The baxter (175Php) made with grilled onions, spinach, mushroom and avocado. 
And for the really health nutt, they have the zumba (265Php)
Three egg whites scrambled with 1/2 cup white mushroom, steamed spinach, and a tbsp of goat cheese and some tomatoes... Too healthy for me... ack! LOL!

For desserts... one would smile.... and say PANCAKES!!!!

One of their specialty would be the Triple decker. (220Php)
The whipped cream and the nutella on the side...

Three layers of pancakes with nutella, fresh banana and caramel with whipped cream on top. The pancakes were fluffy and soft. They were better than IHOP in my honest opinion. The syrup used wasn't too sweet and just right. According to the chef, they make the batter fresh daily and it takes awhile for them to get them serve because they like doing it fresh.

The next up would be the Pancake Supreme (210Php)
Five layers of pancake filled with strawberry, blueberry, banana, orange and mango. Served with whipped cream, butter and syrup. This behemoth of a dish is good for 4-5 persons! Literally! Damn Huge!!!
Get in my tummy!!

Offering affordable meals, this place would definitely go a long way. The serving sizes were huge and each dish could be shared. Also, in the coming weeks, they would offer digital menus. Although not a new concept, it would be fun that one would be able to order and choose from the offerings via digital media.
Thank you B&P for having us. We definitely enjoyed our stay and would go back.

7am-12mn Sunday-Thursday
7am-2am Friday-Saturday
515 Shaw, 1550 Mandaluyong
(02) 631 3252

Disclaimer: Was invited to this event. Was the +1 of Michy.
Meal compliments of B&P. My opinions stated here are based on my experience.
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  1. Uuuuuuyyy congratulations baby bear! Talagang food blogger ka na at may ganap ka nang pinupuntahan haha! :-*

    1. Hi mama bear!!! dipo... hinatak lang po ako ni michy.. and since I was free ayun po... ikaw nga grabe coach bag guveaway hahahahahaha!!!! baka pwede po i mafia yan? joke!!! you already mMa bear!!! congrats as in 3 years!!! and also Happy 30th birthday hehehehehehe!!! i subtracted alam mo na hahahahahahahaha

  2. Really breakfast awesome food! :)

    1. HIIIIII jilllll !!!!! I totally agree!!! Believe it or not, i just came from B&P awhile ago for breakfast and I enjoyed it. The food quality was yumm and the service excellent... totally worth it.