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Monday, March 17, 2014

Shot from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
Seeing something like this makes me think about being sweet... NOT!!! NO WAY!!!
Dude Breakfast is sweet!!! It is the most important meal of the day. And yet I can't seem to wake up early for something like that. Good thing there are restaurants that serves all day breakfast.

 I became a little breakfast hungry. As in H-U-N-G-R-Y! Frenzy came over me that I went to these 2 restaurants on 2 consecutive days just for Breakfast in BGC. I don't know but these were the usual breakfast place that are open early.. well aside from Recovery Food (click)

Since time immemorial, Pancake house has been a leader in the Philippine scene in terms of serving honest to goodness Filipino Breakfast Food. I would remember my family and I going to Sm Annex every week or so just to get a bite from their breakfast menu. Yes, that was when I was in elementary. I think around grade 4 or 5. It has been that long that this chain of restaurants has been thriving and succeeding in the field of breakfast!!! (click)

Taco salad (235Php) is fresh and crunchy.
The vinaigrette was not too sweet and just right. The veggies were fresh and yes there are some chippy involved. Sounds strange? Well not to my mouth. LOL!

One breakfast dish that I love getting from PH would be their take on Toccino (202Php).
The meat is pretty sweet and soft. It isn't hard and not overcooked. It goes really well with their garlic rice.

Since my companion wanted something "healthy", she went on ordering some sweet and sour fish.
I tasted it and it didn't taste like fish! Really good for an alternative to all the pork and chicken during breakfast.

It was funny when I ordered the Roast Chicken. This PH classic has been a go to order for someone like me.
My friend really thought that the potato salad was ice cream. I don't know but it made me laugh early in the morning!!!!
The chicken meat was moist and the gravy was spot on. The bread was thick but it didn't ruin the taste . End of day 1.

What can I say but BUSOG (stuffed)! Price to quality ratio was great. Service was there and I enjoyed my coffee pretty well. On to my next day breakfast!!...

Second day of eating breakfast in BGC was somewhat forced on me. I know.. its just unhealthy not eating breakfast so I should follow what the doctor says, and go for it. LOL!

IHOP or International House of Pancakes is an American brand brought to Manila by the same group responsible for CPK. I have the utmost respect for CPK since I really love their food. It was definitely a welcome to the Manila food scene. There was a lot of hype with it. Lines were present almost daily, when it first arrived. Waiting would be around 1-2 hours just to get seats. Really Over HYPED!!!

I was actually pushed to eat in IHOP. :( Yeah even after my bad and worst experience (click for BGC's and click for UP Town Center Spider Experience). I didn't want to but well it was like there was no other breakfast place open early in the morning. LOL!

I ordered the only thing that made me happy in IHOP. Hashbrown (84.82Php)
Deep fried shredded potatoes. You can't go wrong with potatoes and it being fried up! I was contented with this and my unlicup of coffee.

My friend, on the other hand, was going healthy. According to her, she can't eat anything meaty. (this is me, making a sarcastic face!!!)
 Got an order of Spinach and Mushroom Omelette.  (325.89Php) Yeah right!
It was dry in the center. She just got 1/3 of it and stopped.

Also came with a side of pancake. Not worth it. Didn't touch it nor did she.
 Since their other fish dishes were out, she also ordered some crunchy shrimps (486.75 Php)
 Small shrimps. Deep fried. Too oily. Not worth it. Skip.
  The other thing that saved the day would be the drinks, while I had the coffee she went for tea. Well, just thinking about it, coffee is the same with other places while the tea is just Twinings and hot water.

Takaw tingin. Or hungry look. The marketing of IHOP made sure that people would over order. Apparently, this was the case.  She had a "bigger appetite" than I had. Definitely, she went over and didn't finish everything. I think I need to remind myself to be the one to order next time and stop her from going over the top. I guess just a simple reminder to everyone. Be careful of what you order! LOL!

Service was there and always present to the point it was a bit irritating because I could see the staff starring at us. I guess better than the last time where I was looking for a staff. Anyway, the price was definitely over the top. A bit too much if you asked me. 

Comparing PH and IHOP, I would definitely say that PH would win by a mile. The fact that it stayed on over for a long long time and that they rolled with the punches, PH definitely is in front. Honestly, IHOP has the potential of being a real competitor and not just ride on over with the hype. After seeing long lines for a month or so, you could definitely see the place vacant from time to time. 

Price and quality would go to PH. Affordable yet there. Service is same for both. PH is good every 2 weeks while IHOP maybe once every 6 months just to see their new offerings and if they have improved. 

Disclaimer: Paid for our meals, wrote this based on my own opinion and experience.  
Did you know that IHOP (branch in BGC) didn't have any spoons? LOL! Now that they started offering Filipino Breakfast Food, maybe they'll start having spoons in? LOL!!!

Pancake House and IHOP
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    1. i like the word brekkie.... its like break and breakfast all into one!!!! LOL hahahahaha

    2. We still have this breakfast place to try!! :)

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