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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The sign said close but I called in the day before to check its operating hours. It was a few minutes past 7. The kind staff turned the sign around and we were welcomed with a smile and with "welcome home" greetings.

 Yes another breakfast. I had been on two breakfast on two consecutive days in BGC that I couldn't get enough. So hello hello I am back at B&P (click). I went here a month or so with some bloggers and this time around I went with friends on two consecutive Saturdays... Talk about "addict".

 With its quirky takes on naming the different dishes on the menu, this place offers home cooked meals that hits the spot and makes you feel on cloud nine. 

 Although, the place can accommodate a few dinners at most, it would be welcomed sight that they have an al-fresco dinning area outside.

 And yes, for those techies, they do have wifi. One thing to wait for would be when they roll out their planned use if IPADs as menu and a way to place orders.

As a breakfast place, they offer a lot of omelettes and eggs. Salmon and Eggs are those for nagpapanggap na trying to be healthy. Although the eggs were poached and salmon is plain, it still had fries. LOL
Deep fried stuff still!!!! Yahoo!

 The heat is on would be eggs with spiced up meat and some peppers. Cooked right and great for those loving to just spice up their day. It isn't too much but really helps the appetite started.

 Don Malutong or crispy bacon like meat served with rice and egg is for those unhealthy eaters like me! The crispy stuff is great for any crunchy lover that the rice served isn't enough.

Salpy Cow  is their salpicao. The taste is not too garlicky nor is it overwhelming. The meat is soft and tender. Everyone loved the taste. Not too strong too!!! Just the way I liked them.

 For the mains, B&P offers 2 distinct stuff on the menu.
 They serve it juicy and hot. The meat was soft and moist. They weren't over cooked and seriously for sharing! The baby back rib's meat fell off the bones. The sauce not too sweet and made it great for dipping the fries on it. 
 The chicx were deep fried and yet not too oily. Properly seasoned and definitely great with rice! Here's a tip...put the gravy on rice!! You won't regret it.
 and for those guys...that are smart... go for the french bread. KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF!!! I liked every bit of it that I wanted to kip it for myself. I was actually looking for it on the menu and it seems they didn't offer it separately. Maybe more reason for me to return and get some!

 You know what's interesting. They give away fortune cookies. I always had the notion that these were given away from Chinese Restaurants. Well here I was getting them from an all day breakfast place.
 I get to have 3 different lucky messages in my fortune cookies. That's how lucky I am.
 Service is top notch. Although it may be a bit slow once they get overwhelmed with a lot of patrons. Budget is 300-500Php. Just right.

Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong
Besides Project Pie and Starbucks
Disclaimer: I had used a GC from B&P on one of my visits, of course I paid for the extra amount consumed. Opinions here are stated based on my experiences.

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    1. ang aga aga adict kagadddd hahahahaha hay nakooo michyyyyyyyy hahahaha !!!!! :D:D:D

  2. OMG That was BREAKFAST, baby bear??? Hong dohmi! ;))

    1. hahahahaha it was for two consecutive weekends naman po and i had company naman hehehehehe madami din po kami ^_^

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    1. Hi donna !!! uhm ..., breakfast is super duper important kaya kailangan masarap.... now that i think of it ... same goes with lunch , merienda and dinner hahahahahaha