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Monday, March 10, 2014

Look ma... I have my blog on a poster.. LOL!
"Let's go".... and with those words, my friends and I found ourselves roaming Mercato Centrale and discovering the winner of Foodgasm IV.

A week or so ago, I was invited to be one of the judges of a food tasting event organized by UP Ecosoc (click).  I was pretty excited as it was one of those times that I am able to try doing something new. I mean it was not always I get to taste a number of dishes in a short period of time. 
 Because of the heavy traffic on Edsa, my friends and I arrived a little late. But no matter, it just made the experience more wild as there were a lot of participants and a lot of foodies roaming and tasting a lot of different sweets and savory delicacies.

Each one is given a score sheet. It serves as a checklist and as a score card for everyone. You get to rank each dish and vote for your preference.  tired from roaming around? They had bands playing and even some games to get everyone started. From food guessing games to eating contest, a lot of prices were given away. Well mostly, beer.

Although most of the offerings were sweets and pastries, there were some standouts that I enjoyed that night (and yes some of my picks were chosen as winners too).

1st one would be niku niku's crabstick. This year's winner of people choice award. 
The team kept the presentation clean and always ready for the taking. My friends and I enjoyed this deep fried light snack.
The team behind the crabsticks.
Next up is the winner of the most innovative dish. Country Fries
Mixed with toppings that spell Japanese. From seaweeds to the mayo and cheese
I got to give it to their staff as they were perky when it comes to spreading the word about their product.

The expert's choice went to Ruby Red Kitchen. They actually had 2 entries so it was kinda cool that they delivered it well.

They had two varieties. One was savory and would go great with anything to dip with. While the other one was sweet and tasty.
They were pretty busy too :D
Of course, from all of the participants, there could only be one. The winner for this year's FOODGASM is
Hunger Buster's Dying Burger.

The burger were freshly made on site. It was kinda filling even if they served mini burgers.

Mushrooms, bacon, and cheese nothing could go wrong with that!

Pretty much hard work + dedication = win!!

And here's the winning team!!!

Of course, each of the participants deserve special mention, but I got to show you first how full my plate was:
My first plate:

2nd plate with still unfisinished stuff from the 1st wave.
Special mentions:  Pescado gourment tuyo made into pasta.
A little salty but great with chili to make it sppppicy hot!
Group behind the tuyo
and I saw some balls!!!

not just any balls but my kind of balls!!! LOL! These were pork hamonado flavored chorizo de Cebu. Sweet! Add some vinegar and you are good to go..but wait get some rice too!!!
sweet and cool longganisa like balls.
I also enjoyed Babci Kuchnia's Polish Pierogi. It was the most different dish I had that night.
These Polish Dumplings had caramelized onion, sour cream and bacon on top. Nice little snack.
Of course, I had a few more photos to share this awesome night.
Niku Niku: People's Choice
Most Innovative: Country Fries
Expert's Choice: Ruby Red Kitchen.
Other Participants:
Awesome Leche Flan!
Oreo Whoopie Cupcakes
Cuptain Cakes
Most ambitious: Baking Bad Bacon Cookies.
It was also nice to meet new and old blogger friends. It was great seeing Edel of The Kitchen Goddess Files, Ethel of Lifestyle Manila, Raffy of goautodial, and Ron of work at home.

Here is a photo list of  other participants and their entries (in no particular order) :

Foodgasm IV
is brought to you by UP Economics Society
* Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger-judge.
**Opinons stated here are mine.
*** Most of the pics are mine and some are taken from Foodgasm Facebook Page
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  1. I think I want to try the Cheecups. :)

    1. Hahahahahaha :D :D :D.. its a nice treat :D

  2. Hello Mr. Jeng! I'm Rattus, we briefly met at the Foodgasm 4 event. Anyway, it was also my first time attending a food event since my blog is primarily a beauty blog. Among my favorites were Niku Niku Crabsticks and the Cooking Ina's Chocolate Rhum Balls. Hope you could also check out my report of the event. Thanks! =)

    1. Oh hello Rattus!!! Hi!!!! I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did :D

  3. Nice pictures and nice coverage!! Aw. I'm not done writing my article yet.

    1. Hiiiii!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Ethel... :D :D :D post your link up when you're done so I could also check it out :D