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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Was really curious about this place, so I asked my family to join me and to give it a try.
 So one lazy morning driver in towed (thank you kuya!), we went on over to Makati to have a Sunday Brunch.

Unimpressed. That my friend was what I felt when I entered the restaurant/ dining area of this hotel. I wasn't expecting much but would you blame me if that is how I felt when I saw this
and that is the whole restaurant except for 4-5 couches on the left side.
and yes... the counters on the background is all the buffet food they offer.

I hoped that the quality and the offerings they have would be worth the visit. I was praying to the food gods that they made the chef's hands do wonderful things for our brunch. 

Anyway here are some if not most of the food in the buffet:
 Sausage, bacon and benedict
 Potato with bacon...
 Roast beef..dry...
 make your own noodles.

and they have a kiddie section.. which I actually enjoyed more than what they offered for the adults.
 Their take on pie.
 The salad...
Some dips.
 and the dessert area: cakes, banoffee, make your own halo halo and soft served ice cream.

They offered to grill some fish/meat for you but it wasn't that appetizing as they were all pre-marinated with the "tandoori" flavor. They got a bread station but didn't offer cheese. They have a few other offerings in chaffing dishes like chili crabs and beef stroganoff (skip.. not worth it). Their sushi/Japanese station consist of a chef doing 2 kinds of rolls (no tempuras for lovers out there and don't get me started on the quality of those rolls...). They keep their salmon away from the public eye so if you are going, ask for it specifically.

 The only part of the dessert I liked was this:
Tip: use the glass for the halo-halo
 After the long trip and the effort we made to traveling down south, I was a little disappointed with the food offered. I mean, for the price, it is not worth it. We could have had a better and cheaper meal outside. I was hoping that the mixed feedback I got weren't true, sadly it was. I just pray that the Holiday Inn gets their act together and offer scrumptious meal so that everyone goes home happy and with full tummy! I am sorry if I am frank about it but I can't see myself (nor my family) going back. Although the service was okay, the food was not so...

L Floor
Holiday Inn & Suites
Palm Drive, Makati City

Disclaimer: Paid for the meal, wrote this post on based on my experience.

P.S. ... It seems the nights are getting colder while the days are getting hotter...
I miss going out in the middle of the night for a snack like this. I know it isn't cafe shibuya (click) quality but for something in the 100Php region and open during late at night-almost 24 hours during weekdays, Once Upon A Milkshake's version is good on its own. 
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  1. kami rin. super disappointed. To thank nasa 1k + ang buffet price niya tapos ang konti ng spread. :P

    1. Oo nga po eh to think it was a Sunday Brunch spread where you have to pay more and should expect more ..... Hayyyy Mcdo made me happier hahahahaha mama bear!!! Miss you na poooooo!!!!

  2. Try Spectrum instead. Samahan pa kita. :P

    1. oo nga eh.... thinking about doing just that.... lol