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Friday, March 7, 2014

For a couple of weeks now, I usually see myself in the middle of the night driving to this quiet side of BGC to get a fix from McDonald's. (I know.. fastfood and its charms...of being open 24/7 )
 During the wee hours of the night or early morning for breakfast, I get to roam around the place and see a couple of interesting restaurants. One of them is Sarsa.

Thanks a lot fox.. and yes... TWD rules!!!

You see, I won a shirt from Fox (wuhooo) and since I had to pick it up at BGC, I took it as a chance to have a lunch time date with my mom...yey! just the two of us.  

 It wasn't really scheduled and all but heck, we tried out this place. 
 Sarsa or sauces is a place where one could eat straight forward good old home cooking that could be the best of traditional Filipino and Negrense dishes. Nothing super fancy but delicious and definitely a  fun filled foodie experience. 

 Since it was a weekday, (I would suggest calling in ahead for reservations for weekends and dinner), my mom and I got a seat right away. Although the place is good for around 80-100 pax, it was almost full when we got there. We were damn lucky. 

 Got a table and these were present:
 Achuete oil, Sinamak and Soy Sauce. Different sarsa to have a delicious meal ahead.

When I saw the menu I wanted to order everything just to taste authentic Negrense Food. Grabeeeeee!! Tulo laway mode on!

Started off with somethings to munch on. Crispy Dilis (110Php)
A different take on this usual dish. Pineapple based glazed with chili. Definitely HOT!!
and here comes Panit (170Php)
This is chicken skin my friends... YOLO!!!!
So.. you better taste its goodness and feel how it melts in your mouth! Damn good with the sauces!
Also tried the Isol (170Php) or chicken tail.
The juicy part of the chicken! Yummy!!! Right ratio of skin to meat.. 50-50!!!

Pritchon Pancake (220Php) is their take on the "peking duck wrap".
Although flavorful, the sauce was a little bit too much.
For veggies.. (yes we needed to balance the meal..LOL.)we had the roasted kalabasa with green beans and crispy dilis (175Php)
Back when I was a kid I could remember that I always eat kalabasa and it mushed and mixed with rice and I used to eat it every single day. Tasting this, I believe, I would and could eat this every single day! Promise! The fried tofu and the beans went well with the mashed kalabasa. It was infused with gata or coconut milk. Subtle yet it was there. Definitely delicious!

and here comes the heavy weights: 

Sizzling kansi (bulalo 350Php)
Not your ordinary bulalo. The meat was tender and the sauce was epic!!! It wasn't the usual plain butter sauce. It had a different taste on it! Grabe bring me the rice...!!! But wait.. there is still one more dish...

The inasal sisig (320Php)
woah!!! straight up sisig made with chicken meat. The gracious staff even offered to mix it up for us but I refused since I had to take a photo of it. LOL! It was great! especially when mixed up with the sauces.. damn now bring me the rice!!

This rice is no ordinary rice. The ginamos fried rice (55Php) was not normal.
It wasn't too salty and works well with everything on the menu. Damn the saying of ordering plain rice to taste everything. This definitely would make the flavors come out and will make you eat with gusto...

Excellent food and service. The sauces made us eat a lot. Grabe! Totally worth going back too. Budget around 400-500Php per person. Why no chicken inasal in the review? Well, I got one for my bro but it was devoured when we got back home so I wasn't able to taste/take a pic of it. Hmmm negative side of the resto? That would be the parking. There is a limited space at the back. It seems the nearest area to park at would be at the Strip. oh.. and wouldn't you know, the lot beside the forum, is used as a drop off and pickup of helicopters. Cool right? ...

Ground Floor, Forum South Global,
7th Ave corner 25th Street , Fort Bonifacio
11am-11pm Monday-Sundays
0927-706-0773 For reservations
Disclaimer: paid for our meal. wrote this based on my opinion.

P.S. Thanks a lot for the great weekend getaway at Tagaytay.. I was able to enjoy the view and breakfast with good friends both old and new... :D :D :D Happy Birthday Shasha!

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  1. I thought the kalabasa was Kare-kare. hahaha! I want to try this too!!! :)

    1. sawappp niya pramis!!!!!! super duper good tasting filipino food

  2. Replies
    1. HI sir gerry!!!! you definitely should... love the flavors... simple and hits the spot!!!!!!