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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lazy Sunday Brunches are the best way to enjoy the last day of any the weekend.
During a staycation at Bellevue Hotel Manila a few weekends back, I woke up from a great night's rest and sleep walked. I, unconsciously followed the amazing smell of breakfast.
 Instead of having breakfast in the Bellevue Signature Club Lounge, I opted to have it in Cafe D' Asie.

A lot of things to choose from. Their breakfast buffet is something I would love to go back to. I definitely love how they tried to incorporate everything. Although not as extensive and expensive like other hotels found in Makati and Manila, the Cafe D' Asie's breakfast buffet doesn't disappoint.
 A few cheese to choose from.
 They also got jam and butter and what ever you would need on your bread.
Pica-pica, and yogurts.

Make your own salad.
You could also ask the chef to make your own eggs or omelettes.
They got a few Filipino Specialties..!!!
I love the dangit!
and yes you should get their lovely, crisp and delicious bacon!!!
These are what dreams are made of.
 If that is not enough, they got some pork loin!
Soft and Juicy..
They got a few dumplings to choose from too.
They got a lot more appetizers, hot dishes, pasta, noodles, sausages and of course some pancakes and 
french toasts.

A post on a buffet is never complete without plate shots. !!!

I tried to stop myself and contain my lust for food so that I could try everything and my mission? 
Not over eat.
I love muesli so I got some more.. and the parma ham couldn't hurt too right?
and a growing kid should also have some rice.. and juice.. and coffee and maybe some tea!
and of course, one needs milk... and since milk is boring on its own.. it needs some cereals to lighten it up.
and some fruits to finish the brunch.
Needless to say, mission failed.

Service was pretty much all good. Coffee, tea, juices and milk were available and unlimited. Quality of the food was fine. Great choices considering it came with the package and for the price, it is worth it.

Breakfast at Cafe D' Asie
Bellevue Hotel Manila

Disclaimer: The breakfast came with our staycation.
 Paid for it. Wrote this based on my own opinion and experience
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  1. I'm fine with everything! Especially the bacon. hahaha! :)

    1. .... for the price you're going to pay for a stay in their hotel, the breafast buffet is sulit.