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Monday, April 14, 2014

 Glasses, silver cutlery, and white napkins. Everything a guy would not want when eating dinner. It seems lika a nightmare. For us, hands are the way to go but, just this once, I let Caviar Restaurant Champagne Bar change me.

Started operations just last September, Caviar Restaurant Champagne Bar has become a gem down south. It has been the talk of foodies and socialites and those wanting an intimate place to relax and enjoy good food.

Upon entering, you would notice that they have a chic and sexy interior. Reminds me of Mad Men.
  They have a bar and den area for those going for a drink or two. 
 The wine cellar divides this and the dinning area.
So extensive, they made a wall out of all the empty bottles.
With choices that goes all the way to 1,600,000.00 Pesos.  
To something more affordable delightful, like this Dom Perignon (Collector's Edition) that has a label which lights up.

Of course, the dinning area is the place to be. Here you could enjoy the wonderful creations of Chef Frank Van Der Walle and his brother Bastiaan Van Der Walle, the sommelier/general manager, could help you decide and guide you to the world of Caviar's wine, scotch, whiskey, and other alcoholic drinks you would ever want.
When dinning, you have the option to seat at the tables or go for the intimate booths.
PLEASE...Go for the booths.. nothing spells out private than the 4 available booths.

 But if you have a bigger party in towed, get their VIP room (25,000Php consumable) which has a private entrance and a private garden.

And if you are up for it, they also got an al-fresco area for all star gazing and lovey dovey needs.
It seems like a venue for someone to propose. When I asked, someone already did but they had it in the VIP Room.

Of course, I went for the booth because it was soooo damn comfortable.
A meal starts of with some unlimited must stop self from getting full quickly complimentary bread and dips.
Smoked olives, butter, oil and balsamic vinegar.

While deciding on what to eat, Archie would come up and make some recommendations and walk you through the menu...
Look for Archie, he knows how to take care of you..and he makes your experience wonderful.

You could try out their freshly delivered and alive lobsters. They were flown in from Canada just last Saturday.
Or have a nice cut of rib eye
Being clueless on what to eat, I got a glass of Pagos Del Moncayo, Syrah/Granacha 2012 from Spain (320/420Php)
Great wine to go with my planned meal.
Since we were already at the place, I ordered the Herring Eggs (Php 1,620).
Mind you, these aren't caviar. They are eggs of the Herring Fish. I can't possibly afford those yet..
 (duh... when will I get to taste those expensive caviar? One day I will!)
Not too salty but great on the bellinis.
and it came with horse radish, red onions and some white eggs.

I love how the flavor and eggs played in my mouth.
We were served complimentary champagne with grapefruit to accompany the eggs. Great Pairing!!
Amuse-bouche of fried wanton wrapper with avocado based filling.
For salad, we had the Oeuf's Fume (450/510Php).

Smoked Egg Hen with Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce. I loved how the eggs were cooked. They had this amazing smokey flavor and were runny. The sun-dried tomatoes went well with the arugula. I actually thought that the white rectangular fries were well fries. Rather they were "white" asparagus. Believe me when I say, I enjoyed eating the veggies! That coming from a meat lover is something.

For soup, the Bisque de Homard was served (440Php).
Poached Lobster Meat and Truffle Oil. We had it split and the serving was generous.
I would definitely drive all the way to Alabang just to get a bowl of this soup. The truffle flavor was not overwhelming and it properly melted away with the flavor. Damn this is sooo good!
If only I had more bread, I would have swiped it all. Yum Yum!

Before our mains, a time out was in order.
Intermezzo of Raspberry Peach Rose Sorbet

ASIM! Definitely cleanses the palate.

I was actually going for the lamb but since I just had one recently, I went with their Veal Cheeks (950Php)
Braised Veal Cheeks served with Creamy Polenta and Wild Mushrooms. I didn't know why they gave me a knife but a fork would suffice. Why?
The meat was extremely tender. No need to chew. Slurping it would have been preferred. Properly cooked and flavorful.

Salmon Cuit Lentement (950Php) was her pick.
 Slow Smoked Salmon, Lentil Cassoulet and Hollandaise Sauce. The meat was evenly and not overcooked. From the inside out everything was pinkish and the flavor was distributed all through out.

According to Bastiaan, the salmon dish would forever be in their menu. When they tried to remove it, a lot of customers were up in arms. LOL! Why? Well the Salmon they get are imported and somewhat wild. They aren't the usually market available ones that have antibiotics and other drugs infused in them. I guess that made the flavor amazing! #drool

Damn! It was soft and the texture was awesome. My dad would love this as he eats salmon every single day! If only other restaurants could cook it right.

I was even happy to see that Bastiaan Van Der Walle would come on over and check on us multiple times. He would explain about the dishes and would have a small chat with us. 
To finish the meal, they gave us a complimentary bottle of Limoncello and some cookies.
When Bastiaan learned I was from the north,  he said, "you know what this is for? you should definitely have a glass first before driving. Its a roadie. One before going on the road." LOL!

The digestive definitely helped in ending the meal. To my surprise, Michy (not an alcoholic drinker), loved it so much. I think I saw her eying some other unopened bottles on the way out. LOL

I am rather pleased with myself. No regrets in trying out this wonderful restaurant. Yes its a bit far from all the ritz and glitz of Makati and BGC but it is what makes it standout. In the south, Caviar Restaurant Champagne Bar has been the go to place for fine dinning and incredible personalized service. 
Look for the Harley Davidson motorcycle in front. If it's there, the chef is in!

I tremendously enjoyed all the flavors that played in my mouth. My tongue was really really happy. Unfortunately, my tummy wasn't. It got overstretched. LOL! Service was top notch. Archie really knows how to entertain the guest and I got to say, the owners were pretty much hands on too. Although the prices are a little on the high end for an everyday meal, you wouldn't regret it. (yes they do have lunch sets)

Also, I am not sure if I am allowed to divulge this but they are getting something unique. If I am not mistaken, they would have it in by next month. I wouldn't mind tasting it as there was a controversy about it in Europe a few years back as it was being used as meat for burgers and being marketed as beef. What you guys think? Yay or Nay?
Michy, Bastiaan, me and Archie.
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Caviar Restaurant Champagne Bar
(02)5527930 or (0917)868 3080
 Unit A-206, westgate centre, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 14:00, 18:00 - 22:00
Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

Disclaimer: Paid for the meal. Posted my opinion based on my experience.

P.S. They made me a convert. Would definitely go back with my family as soon as they come back from vacation.
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  1. Yeah, that Limoncello is fantastic!!! :)

  2. Dang, yaman mo Jeng! Too rich for my blood hehe

    Hope it was really worth it :)

    1. Sir richieee di po...... Pinagipunan ko lang po kasi dapat last last month ko pa ma try po hehehe .... Yolo hehehe