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Friday, April 18, 2014

"I need food stat!!!" Hunger has been the downfall of men. In this case, it led me to one of life's simple joys.
Eating out with a close friend.

Past 9pm, K and I have been franticly looking for a place to eat. It was a Sunday and most restaurants close early during this unforgiving hunger day. She was starving and so was I. We went around Quezon City's Teacher's Village twice but didn't seem to find a restaurant perfect for our needs. That drove us to go to Katipunan and scour Blue Ridge until, a light bulb popped up !!

Up Town Center's Torch!
For K, it was her first time trying Torch. Unlike her, I had the pleasure of visiting this same establishment a few months ago. Nothing really changed. It had that same and  welcomey homey feel.
Yes, she loves taking Selfie's
Pretty comfy that she and I were able to play around with ourselves while waiting for our meal.
 Of course, she wanted to try something cold to drink. With the summer vibe, nothing beats a cold slushy. 

She got a Pandan Slush (75Php)
It may looked like strawberry or cherry or something reddish flavored but it wasn't. It was pure ice mixed with a little red coloring and had a more vanilla taste rather than a pandan. The look definitely deceived us.

Since she wanted some Japanese in her life, we went for an order of Torch's Signature Roll (399.95Php)
Sushi roll filled with with soft-shell crab, ebi tempura, unagi, tamago, and Japanese cucumber, topped with fresh wakame seaweed, kani and ripe mangoes.
This messy baby didn't disappoint. I loved how everything blended in! The rolls were really huge and believe me when I say, I love munching on it!!!
and yes, you gotta eat it like a boss!!! One BIG BITE!!!

Since it was one of those nights were you know a guy and a girl share a table and are extremely hungry, we couldn't stop ourselves but order an Appetizer Sampler (495Php)
 Buffalo Asian wings, Chilli Cheese Crispers, Chicken Skin, Truffle Fries.
It was an effing huge order of the different things one would need for pica-pica!
The Truffle Fries were crispy on the outside and definitely tasted like truffle... Grabe! Oily and deadly!

The Buffalo Asian Wings were crunchy and were coated by a sweet flavor. Would have loved it to have a little more heat.
The Chilli Cheese Crispers were huge peppers filled with cheese and more chilli!
The Chicken Skin would make any grown man cry and moan with delight. It was pure heaven!!!!
 Crunchy outside but soft and skin filled inside!! DAMN!!! The sweet sauce also helped in making it enjoyable!

You know what happens to 2 friends when they're hungry right? They over order! CRAP!!!
K was looking for pasta, so she also got Bacon and Egg Carbonara (334.95Php)
Damnit!!!!! TAKAW TINGIN I TELL YOU! ... I was really full already when I got to the pasta part of the meal...
But, I saw the BACON
It was crunchy and it was good! The pasta was what you would expect with any cream based meal. Heavy!

I really enjoyed the food but I guess it was the company that made that night special! It was fun going out and catching up with K and planning all the naughty stuff friends would do!

Service was forever present but never too intimidating. Price was all right but maybe a little high when it comes to the pockets of students from nearby colleges. It may not be good for everyday meals because it definitely made our heads spin. Go back? OF COURSE!

Up Town Center
Katipunan, Quezon City

New Operating Hours:
7am-12mn Sunday-Wednesday
7am-2am Thursday-Saturday
 Disclaimer: Paid for our meals, Wrote this based on my own Experience.

Familiar? .... :D :D :D This ones for you K!
Circa 2012 vs 2014.
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