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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Remembering my old high school hungout...
When I entered this restobar, it gave me that simple feel reminiscent of when I was back in high school drinking enjoying the company of friends. It was the type of hungout where one gets to relax and chill and simply be lost in his own thoughts.

Simple and Straight Forward. Two things I love when I go out and chill with friends. Such was my impression of Grillery Restaurant & Bar.

When I met the kind people behind this establishment, I knew that I was in the company of friends. As friends, they no doubt would go all out to make your stay with them chill, relaxing and yes it wouldn't hurt for you to enjoy.  LOL!

They make you taste all their food. Just as when you thought you wouldn't be full they pull out the big guns and feed you like crazy.
The Chicken ala Kiev (250Php) is their crown jewel. This simple looking piece of chicken has a little secret. 
You cut it in the middle and something oozes out.
What is it you ask? Its their special butter herb mix. The inside weren't dry and let me tell you about the crust. It has the thinnest yet crunchy texture one could eat. Kim, the person behind the invite, "politely" asked me to hand over the crust. He was definitely into it and I hopelessly gave it up. LOL!

Raphael along with Chef Edmond, brother tandem behind this restobar, was pretty much proud with their food's quality and taste. And totally assured me that if it doesn't melt, you could return it and they would gladly make another one for you. 

 For fish lovers and haters, Balinese Fish (200Php) is something that both can compromise into ordering.  
 The fillets were soft and silky smooth. Cooked to absorb the secret sauce made to whet your appetite.

Next up is their version of  Liempo (190/285Php).
    Kind of different as you could see its huge cuts. It was their way of saying, no more rivalry for that small piece. They made sure it was big for everyone. You would be happy to know that the meat wasn't dry and was tender and soft. The taste was totally spot on. The veggies on the side complimented it well.. now where's the booze!>!>?
 Not only is this a  place that would serve all the beer you would want to go with your pica pica. They also have wine for you to cleanse your palate. Honestly, I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to wines but they got some bottles that would allow you to taste reds that are worth your while. Not only are these affordable, they are not your usual standards that could be bought from any super market.

In case, you are in for a sweet ending, your new friends know how to reinvent an old school classic.
 The Toron de Halo Halo (165Php) is their fried twist to this classic dessert! It isn't that sweet but hits that goal for you to end the meal properly.
I am a nata addict.. and I am proud of it.
 and yes, I love the nata... please do get this and have it as something just for yourself. Do not share this!

If you are up in the Greenhills area late at night and was wondering where it would be nice to chill and have a beer or two, I would suggest you head on over to The Grillery as they know how to treat you more than a customer but also as a friend. They not only serve booze but good food as well. They are open till late at night. During weekends, they have performers that would let you have piece of way back when and enjoy your new found friends.  

Greenhills Town Center
Granada St., Quezon City. 

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event. I wrote this post based on my own experience and opinions.

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    1. Thanks. pana panahon lang :D atsaka special mention to the guys for being the on site "lighter" of the food. LOL! Can't get good pics without natural lighting.

    2. Yes, natural lighting is the best. :)

  2. Thank you for this feature, Jeng...
    We had so much fun dining with you... sana di ka na late sa work that night...
    until our next food adventure... cheers!!!

    1. Thanks a lot kim for having me =) I enjoyed the dinner.... uhm.. let's just say, I wasn't not late. LOL! Cheers :D