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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There comes a point in time when a man got to do what a man got to do. Ever since, I was not really into cakes and what not but peer pressure made me step it up. 
You see, my office mates and I tend to talk about food all the time and that led to one thing and another.
 Since we wanted to try out something  new, we figured to why not get something we wouldn't regret. 
 and that my friend is the Quezo De Bola Cheese Cake made by Indulgence By Irene..
I was able to "steal" 3 adorable Quezo de Bola Cheesecake. At first I thought, its pretty normal... BUT!!! One bite and you would know that you are in for a treat. The flavor wasn't overstimulating. Everything was in proportion. It wasn't too sweet nor was it over board. This would definitely great with a cup of coffee. Did I mention that it was also moist!!!
My friends and I figured that Irene didn't skimp on the ingredients. The quality was just impressive!!! It could rival those cakes from malls and even some hotels! 
 I think I have only met this genius Irene around twice or thrice. In case you don't know she is the wife of a lucky husband foodie by the name of Richard of Tales from the Tummy. She is not only down to earth but she definitely knows her cooking! Ang Sarap!!!
You might say that the price tag is a little bit steep. The small cakes are around 220Php while a huge one would cost around a thousand (be sure to check the prices with them first!). Believe me when I say, it is worth it. I didn't mind the trouble of going circles and experiencing traffic just to get my cakes. 

Rather than going to the usual cake store, I for one would be definitely leaning towards this Indulgence!!!

Food In The Bag is now on Facebook. Like it here.

Indulgence By Irene

Disclaimer: Paid for the cheesecake and I am soooo loving it!

From their facebook page:

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  1. I've tasted that same quezo de bola cake as they once had a booth in MOA. Super sinful but delicious! :)

    1. totallyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! malinamnam ^_^

    2. I think you've made a mistake. Indulgence by Irene never had a booth in MOA.

  2. One of the best cheesecakes in the metro! :)