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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Looking for a quick meal in Incheon Airport was one for the books, my family and I had to go to the duty free claiming area and get our stuff and have a decent meal before we leave Korea.
We thought that having Lotteria was a safe bet because according to our tour guide it was like the Jollibee or McDonald's of Korea.
We ordered what we could because we were somewhat starving. Since there was a line I thought of it as a good place to get our grub.
After ordering, we got this handy electronic number to call us out once our food was ready.
After waiting for 10-15 minutes, it beeped and blinked.
When I saw what we ordered, I was a little disappointed because I saw the fries. I hoped this wasn't the start of an awful meal. You see fries is the one thing I know most if not all of the fast food chains have somewhat perfected it. Sadly, the ones served to us were just reheated. How did I know? Well it was warm but no longer crunchy and was somewhat old. Argh...
I tried to mask it with ketchup but it was a fail.
Moving on, I hoped these cheese fritters were better.
Their insides were dry. Total waste
I think it was these rings that saved the fried side dish department but honestly, I couldn't remember.
Burger wise, well, it was one mess I should say.
Unlike our fastfood chains here, most if not all are served warm and somewhat edible. The burgers we got tasted and felt dry. Honestly, I am a behemoth burger eater and the ones we got failed my test. I wasn't even able to finish 1/2 of them. SAYANG! Total waste.
I think we should have went with a cafe or something else because the amount we spent was already good for a decent meal. SAD!!!! Hopefully, they get and serve better food. 

P.S. Remember to clear / clean your table after eating. We had shared a table with a foreigner. I believe he was Chinese. He left ahead of us and didn't clear his part of the table on the other end. Once we finished putting our trays back and throwing everything in the trash, we were asked to clear his too. We had to explain that it wasn't ours. Geez.

Incheon Airport. Korea.
Disclaimer: Paid for our meal. Wrote this based on our experience.
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