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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Having been the pioneer of luxury buffet in the metro, this particular buffet has a soft spot in my heart. I could remember going all the way to SM MOA BY THE BAY, to their 1st ever branch and having a taste of a grand buffet. Worthy of going against some of the hotels in town but with awesomer prices.
This time of the year, Vikings wanted to show their appreciation to their customers and wants everyone to celebrate the 4th of July. This being the Filipino-American Friendship day, the culinary team behind Vikings wanted to add some more American Themed Dishes to their line up.

During the weekends of July, Vikings would be holding its "4th of July" Celebration and would serve dishes that are American in nature. A few bloggers and media staff were invited to try out their new lineup. 

We started the meal with something to get our tummy going. 
 The Boston Style Clam Chowder Soup was made with different seafood ingredients. There were clams and of course veggies in it. It was thick and flavorful.

Now lets look at the new dishes which would be added to the menu!
The Pinwheel Alaskan Homemade Salmon with Cream Cheese Filling is a crowd favorite.
 Having Salmon with cheese is something one would really drool for. You could never go wrong with it!
Next up, was the Guacamole Salad on fried taco shell.
 If you love avocados, you would definitely love the mushy texture that goes with this dish.
The Portland Mini Fish Cake (L) on some red cabbage coleslaw was something different. Usually, I would have crab cakes but this makes use of fish. LOL. I think I would let my mom have this dish as she is a fish lover. I am not!
 The Hawaiian Chicken BBQ (R) is a winner! On the sweet side, this dish was properly marinated through and through and it was tender. Not dry mind you, but lovely on the tongue and easy to chew~!

For those seafood lovers, they have the New Orleans Seafood Gumbo. As I said, I am not that of a fish lover so mom, take it away!
 The Beef Brisket with Roasted Bell Pepper (R) was soft and tender. I would do away with the breadings underneath but the meat was all good!
Of course nothing would be complete without dessert.
From L-R Key West Key Lime Pie, New York Cheesecake and Pennsylvania Apple Pie. Among the 3, my favorite would be the Key Lime Pie! The pie makes your face go all sour. It definitely is an awesome dessert!! These 3 cakes are not so sweet and is a nice addition to this section.
Let's also look at these amazing dishes that must not be skipped. Yep, you know I am a fan of these! So I thank them for serving and having these:
BALLS! for that "tusok tusok" effect without the Manong
 How you like em birds?
 Deadly belly anyone?
 and how can one miss the Japanese part of the buffet.
 The makis and the salmon!!!
Definitely a must try for everybody! For the price you won't go wrong. And think about their promos! Most specially when it is your BIRTHDAY! If you come with a full paying adult companion on the day itself, you get to eat for free!!!!Think 50% off!! SULIT!!!!!!! 
Now, they added something more to it.
For the whole month of your birthday, celebrants can eat for free for ONE MONTH on both lunch and dinner per day, as long as it is within the month of his/her birthday and accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULT.

Just don't forget to bring a valid ID with your birthday and picture on it!!! This promo goes on till December 31, 2014.
Another tip: get a reservation!!!!!!

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4th Floor Sm Megamall
Mandaluyong City

Disclaimer: Was Invited to this tasting event. Thank you very much Raquel and Vikings for the Invite.
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  1. Went here last week, I think. It's soooo difficult to move around during weekends!

    1. Its difficult to go around when it comes to peak hours. Better to get a reservation go in early and attack! hahahaha :D