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Monday, June 30, 2014

When I go on a staycations or even look for a place to stay at far far away from home, the first thing I do is ask a very important fundamental question. That being, where and what should I eat? Where could I get a budget friendly meal that could satisfy my cravings.
Thankfully now that I have a car I could be able to go to a lot of places both near and far but for college students it would be a hassle to bring a car just to go from a resto to another and back to school. Think about the parking and the traffic. Thank God, Avida Land with its infinite goodness and foresight, offered a quick look into the food places one could visit in prime locations. This time around, Avida Land's Food Hunt focused  in the Taft area. Think DLSU, PWU, CSB, AU.  

Over the weekend, along with fellow blogger, invitees and other participants, we were able to check out 5 different food places that would definitely be a guide for students and residents in the Taft Area. Who else than to be our tour guide but Mr. JJ Yulo. Surprise surprise, Mr Thomas Torres was also there, Point Guard of DLSU Archers, to lead us to his favorite spots.
The hunt kicsk off with Black and White Cafeteria. Located just beside Avida Towers Prime Taft, this budget friendly place serves student meals that definitely won't hurt the pocket.
We were able to try out the Burger & Bacon Extra Special.
 Cheese, ham, burger.. honestly though I didn't taste the bacon. Must have been on the other half...
 Next on the list was Nemoto Japanese Restaurant which believe it or not may have been there for more than 30 years. Kinda like an institution already with Japanese folks visiting this place. I guess its because the owner is Japanese and that they offer affordable fare and the place spells HELLO KITTY!!!! 
Yep, the owner is in love with Hello Kitty!!!and they got a few Manga collection as well and this comfortable looking pink chair!!

We were able to try out their Special Mix or some sushi/makis which were fresh and mind you tasted okay!
and they also serve complimentary fruit plate which vanished quickly LOL! Watermelon and banana
After getting our game on, we were led to one of DLSU's basketball team secret. 
After practice, they would hung out at Rap Steaks & Cakes. Here, they get their carbo and protein loading done.
We were served their porterhouse steak. It tasted awesome and pretty darn good for the price.
Talagang pang studyante! The sauce I guess made them famous.
They basically had two. One was sweet and soy based while this white, creamy gravy like sauce is made of a secret ingredient. Bulalo/Bone Marrow! Dangnamit!! Ang sarap niyang gawing sabaw I mean sauce. If only I wasn't watching myself. OMFG~!!
Next on the hunt is this known cafeteria type place for all those DLSU students. The Agno Food Court houses a lot of interesting food stalls. During this leg of the trip, it got interesting. We were given 120Php each and used it to buy our own meals.
Since we went there on a Saturday, only a few places were open.
I was only able to buy a bottled water, nagaraya and dimsum. All for 70Php!
You know what? I was able to win a gift bag for this part of the hunt because I was able to prepare my meal fastest! Yahoo!
Our last but not the least stop was at Cafe Noriter. 
At first, I thought I heard JJ say, No Return but it was actually Noriter.
The place exudes a chill vibrant atmosphere. There are nooks and cranny where one could remove their shoes and sit on the wooden floor and even scribble on it. 
Yes they allow vandalism on certain parts of the store.
On this last part of the leg, we were served the Honey Bread and Java Chip Frapuccino.
The bread was somewhat like Cafe Shibuya's but still different with the vanilla like topping. The drink on the other hand was super bitter. It was amped up coffee and had no sugar in it. I don't know if this is how they serve it, but they have brown and white sugar available near the counter.

With that, we ended the amazing Avida Land's Taft Food Hunt , I had a grand time going around and even experience what the other side of Manila is. With these cool restaurants and I actually got to meet some new friends and seeing an old one too!!!!
LR:  (Future)Mr and Mrs itsberyllicious (click), Sir Abet of The Food Alphabet (click). and yours truly! (autocrop!)

Anyway, I would really love to thank Avida for this wonderful opportunity. Here is a quick map of everything we did!

Avida Food Hunt
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  1. it was great meeting you jeng! :) Hope to see you around again! :)

    1. Definitely!!!! It was fun chit chatting with you guys!!!! ^_^ See you soon!

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