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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Somethings are just meant for you to try out and enjoy. Not knowing and not expecting anything makes MADISON'S BISTRO MODERNE a treat.
Located on what used to be a bookstore on the ground floor of Edsa Shangrila Hotel, MADISON'S BISTRO MODERNE has its own deli, and makes its own bread, butter, and pasta daily in house. Talk about fresh! They even cure their own meat. These and more.

So on a lovely Saturday, a few of my friends and I were lucky enough to enjoy this fine dining restaurant.  Under the helms of Italian Executive Chef Giovanni Sias, you won't go wrong with any of the dishes of this fairly new establishment. With over three decades of cooking experience for this creative chef under his belt, you would be treated to his take on different dishes stemming out from his homeland Italy and even from his previous stints in New York.

 While waiting for the ever so late Michy and just on time Barbie, I got a chance to roam around the place and checkout the nooks and cranny of this wonderful restaurant. 
Don't be deceived by the white linen and the tall ceilings. The restaurant invites you to relax and make it as if its your own home. Stephen, the operations manager, made sure that you enjoy and leave all the troubles at the door. He definitely knows how to assist and give in to your every need.
You could drop by anytime of the day and  enjoy a cup of coffee from this sexy coffee maker as they open at 7 am for breakfast.
Or relax and day dream outside al-fresco style and watch cars pass by till the wee hours of the night.
 I for one would choose to chill at the bar while waiting for my date and enjoy all the lovely drinks that they offer. Tip: go there 3pm-8pm to partake of happy hour. They got wines at 85Php a glass! Yes cheaper than that coffee you are drinking right now.

But for the serious and the private, I would suggest you reserve their very own Chef's Table.
Here you could have a private affair. Maybe a secret rendezvous or even a proposal for the lovey dovey. 
(from MDB's website)
You could enjoy the privacy with one way mirrors to the kitchen and also the bar.
On the other side, rests their own deli. Oils, liquors, pastries, cakes, cured meats
  and my favorite CHEESE!!!!!
What I liked about their deli is that you get to order your sandwich but you could customize it and add a bit of this and that. You could be thankful and happy that they make their own bread every day because you would taste the difference.
The prices aren't overboard because they make everything in house! So you see, this deli got a piece of the market and its quite competitive. Where else can you get yummy chocolate treats at 20Php+ a piece. To think they are of artisan make.

After an hour or so, the group was finally complete and our gustatory adventure started.
To start everything, bread and butter were served. The butter seemingly normal, aren't 
What ever the chef fancies, he makes. For this visit, they had roasted bell pepper and pomegranate flavored.
I would suggest starting off with some sparkling wine as it aids and enhances the flavors of the dishes ahead.
For appetizers, had some awesome suggestions from Stephen which we all accepted. 

We started with SPECK and GOAT CHEESE MOUSSE (550Php). Truffle Scent, Apple Mustard Chutney.
One bite and the flavors jump in your mouth. The meat isn't overpowering that it blends with the cheese mousse. The Chutney gave it a different texture. I could eat this all day long. Good bye diet.

The OCTOPUS CARPACCIO (310Php) had a generous serving of this seafood delight. It was accompanied by Fried Zuchini Chips, Mint and Vinegar, Grape Tomatoes and Lemon Dressing.
The octopus wasn't hard and chewy. Something quite different. The Friend Zuchini Chips, on the other hand, gave our palettes a surprise. You would think that this is veggie but quite the opposite. It tasted as if it was normal potato chips but slathered with vinegar dressing. It gave it an unexpected sour taste. I loved it.

For our mains, we opted to get four different  entrees so as to mix and match our taste buds.

One look and you would fall in love with this CONFIT PORK BELLY (450Php). Potato Gratin, Braised Balsamic Lentils and Thyme Jus.
What sets this apart from other pork bellies is that  the way it was marinated and cooked. This dish would make anyone salivate just by staring at it. Tender meat. Not too fatty and just right. The Lentil gave it a different texture while the potato gratin presented the carbs portion of the dish.

Arguable one of the best dish on their menu, the TRI-COLORED RAVIOLI (380Php) doesn't disappoint. Cream Cheese, Quail Eggs, Truffle Oil, Bacon Bits, Beurre Noisette.
I can't for the life of me get this dish out of my head. Freshly made and exudes cheesy goodness. That is what this ravioli is all about. Not too think and just right, the wrapper secretly hides the quail eggs inside. Once you cut it open, it oozes out. This my friend is deadly. I wouldn't mind passing by this place and taking an order or two home.

For the health conscious, the PISTACHIO CRUSTED BLACK COD FISH (650Php) is made especially for you. Carrot Pudding, Red Onion and Chocolate Marmalade in Saffron Sauce.
Not overcooked and moist inside, these make the dish exceptional. The crunchy texture of the pistachio helps give it a different take. The carrot pudding is soft and is a welcomed veggie treat to even the not so veggie eater aka me.

The POTATO GNOCCHI (480Php) was cooked perfectly. Black Truffle, Creamy Cheese Sauce and Prosciutto. This pasta dish had that bite when you put a spoonful in your mouth. Al dente. The flavor reminds me of your home made mac and cheese without the mac. I love its creaminess. Definitely for the kids and kids at heart. YUMMY!

Not stopping for anything, we also got a pair of dessert to finish the meal. 

The VANILLA PANNA COTTA with STRAWBERRY CONSOMME (250Php) isn't too much. Soft and buttery. That is the way I would describe its texture. You could really taste the vanilla. The sweet level is just right and not overpowering. I liked how you could eat this and not feel guilty afterwards.

Another one for the books would be WARM PEANUT BUTTER and CHOCOLATE FONDANT (250Php)
Salt Caramel and Chantilly.
Topped with dried orange, this dome like Fondant seems like a lava cake but it isn't. The outside is crunchy and the inside was a lovely surprise. The peanut butter taste is definitely present but not too overpowering.
The inside liquid doesn't leak out but stays its course within the crunchy shell.
The accompaniment of cream and macaron is a nice side trip to this dish.

Down to earth, simple and well executed would be the main characteristics of the food served. Service and attention to detail were exceptional. One question, one straight forward answer. Ambiance is modern and inviting. Who would have known that this fine dining establishment isn't really own by Shangrila but rather rents the place and has a restaurant and bar mogul behind it. Budget around 500-700Php for a nice treat. Definitely not for your everyday meal but its worthy of twice a month visit for diners but I guess once a week for wine drinkers just because of happy hour.

By the way, this coming September 2, they would be hosting an event. I would suggest you go for it because its pretty much not everyday that you enjoy wines from Argentina paired with extra ordinary food.

Ground Floor Edsa Shagrila Hotel,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
+6326314675 / +639369119838

Disclaimer: was invited to try out this restaurant. Thank you very much for Kim and to MADISON'S BISTRO MODERNE. Wrote this based on my experience.

 Menu as of 8-27-14; was advised that they changed this from time to time.
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  1. Glad that you guys enjoyed our lunch - late lunch because of Michy... laughs
    Though this awesome first class restaurant, bar and deli is not my client, I made the arrangements for you my friends to experience what I have been experiencing for the past couple of months (yeah, i'm there at least 3 times a week during Happy Hour - 3pm to 8pm).
    Hope your readers will visit Madison's Bistro Moderne soon. Cheers!!!

    1. EXACTLY!!! It was all Michy's Fault!!!.... Thank you so much for inviting us and giving us a chance to experience their awesome and delish dishes... :D I know for a fact that I will be returning if not for the ravioli but also for the dessert!!! Cheers!!!!

  2. Wow! I can hear the Pistachio Crusted Black Code Fish together with all its side dishes already shouting out my name! And that vanilla panna cotta looks truly a must-try in this fancy restaurant in EDSA Shangrila Hotel. You're so lucky to have been invited and were among the first to try these food. :D

    1. Roch... can you hear that? I know you can.. that Panna Cotta is calling you.. .... "EAT ME!!!!" HEHEHEHE!! You won't be disappointed believe me.. Love the ambiance and more so the food :D

  3. It was nice seeing you again, Jeng. :)