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Monday, September 1, 2014

Unknown to most of my friends, my family came from simple beginnings. My grandpa used to be a taxi driver while my dad a scholar. My mom well let's just say she's my mom. They both went through a lot of things to get to where they are right now. I guess I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. We definitely got a lot to be thankful for as a family.  I am also grateful for the experience and the friends that I have. I get to share my blessings with them and I get to live my life to the fullest. 

 Why am I getting all sentimental? For the Chinese Folks, it's Mid-Autumn already and one would tend to think about the things that they have. Its that time of the year to be celebrating three fundamental concepts: GATHERING, THANKSGIVING and PRAYING. 
A week ago, my blogger friends and I were invited to CRYSTAL JADE DINING IN in BGC to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. You see, for The Chinese-Filipinos, this is the time of the year to be thankful, grateful and enjoy each other company. This festive season is somewhat second only to Chinese New Year. It was a nice experience to celebrate it with friends which I consider awesome and super duper IDOLS in the blogging world.

Located right in the center of everything happening in BGC, the place is fine-dining yet relaxed when it comes to Chinese Cuisine.

We were able to try out different dishes that would be served for the MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL SET from September 1-15 extended until SEPTEMBER 30!!! . Aside from that, we got to play the Mooncake Dice Game.

Instead of the usual pecking duck, we got served the healthier version. Chicken. JIANG NAN CRISPY SLICED CHICKEN WRAPPED IN PANCAKE
Prepared as to how Pecking Ducks are, these chicken are wrapped up in pancake and has hoisin sauce placed inside. The skin was crunchy and the meat moist.
The SHREDDED CHICKEN with FRESH FRUIT SALAD was the other way this chicken was served. Generous portion and serving of fresh fruits mixed up with the chicken. Something different as I don't normally do this. Definitely refreshing for the humid weather we had that day.
One of my favorites would be the the DEEP FRIED GAROUPA BALLS with SWEET & SOUR SAUCE. When a table mate told me to try the fish, I was dumbfounded. She was definitely referring to this dish. I never thought in a thousand years that it was fish. Crispy and crunchy and molded into ball like figures, you would have a fun time eating this.
To heat up our tummies, we also got a serving of POACHED CHICKEN with CORDYCEP FLOWER and BEANCURD SOUP.

For the health conscious, the SAUTEED SHRIMP with BROCCOLI FLOWER was served. The main ingredients of this dish wasn't overcooked. The shrimp was cooked to perfection. It's amazing how I was able to eat the broccoli. It tasted acceptable for a non veggie eater like me. 
One can't live without rice. We got the CRYSTAL JADE FRIED RICE. Not too oily and easy enough to stuff your tummy with. YUMMY!
The BRAISED HOMEMADE BEANCURD with MUSHROOM was presented next to the group. Huge cubes of Tofu topped up with mushroom. Excellent pairing.
To end the meal, each one got a mini mooncake. I am not really a fan of mooncakes but I did like this one.

From here, the party started! Kenneth asked us all to join him around a table to play the MOONCAKE DICE GAME. It was actually my first time doing this so I didn't know how the game goes.  
He explained to us that we get to roll 6 dices and if we could get a particular combination, we win a price.
It would all boil down to a number four and some combinations and pairs.

I would have to say, one lucky roller couple would be Mr. Pickiest Eater and the Mrs. 
They were super duper lucky!!!
I guess its with all the pre-throw ritual of closing the eyes and praying really hard.
Rina was able to get the highest combination so she got the grand daddy of the prizes.
Richie couldn't help but be happy too!
Because, he got the envelope and placed it straight in his pocket!
Kidding aside, this blessed and funny couple definitely know how to roll!
Congrats guys!

Don't fret! Like them, you could also try your luck when you dine at Crystal Jade. With every 5,000 Php worth of spending, you get to try you luck with a roll of the dice and get to take home 1,000 Php Gc.
The service is top notch and you won't regret spending your lunch or dinner here. If you are in for a little mix and match or up for a set meal, budget around 800-1000 Php per person when dining in.

The new set menus are more affordable when you get them as such by a few thousand bucks so I would suggest you go for it. A set good for 4-5pax would cost around Php 3,800+ (originally Php 5,000) while for 8-9 pax it would cost Php 7,800+ (orinigally at Php 10,000). Now that's a deal. 

Now if only I could dance and do the pregame ritual so that I could roll up that perfect combination.


30th St Cor 7th Avenue
(02) 808-5233

Disclaimer: Thank you very much for Kenneth and for Crystal Jade for inviting us. Wrote this post based on my experience.
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